Ronda Rousey Shows Off Curves in Buffalo David Bitton Fall 2016 Ads

August 11, 2016 - fall Denim

Ronda Rousey is display a opposite side of herself in a new tumble ad debate for Buffalo David Bitton.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship star is divulgence healthy beauty and a no-frills opinion in a tellurian graduation for Buffalo’s new line called Hope. She’s also rallying her fans with a smart-alecky summary in print, digital and amicable media: “Hey curvy girls, accommodate Hope: a torpedo jean for torpedo babes…you’re welcome.”

It’s a sheer contrariety to her initial ad debate for a tag owned by Iconix Brand Group. When a churned martial artist embarked on her gig as Buffalo’s code envoy dual years ago, New York-based Iconix chose to sketch her with a sexy, irritable demeanour — customarily hardly dressed in a association of a shirtless masculine model.

For a latest images, to be expelled Wednesday, Iconix returned to Los Angeles, where Rousey lives a fit life in a beachy area of Venice. Photographed by Brooke Nipar, a maestro of ad shoots for Iconix’s Material Girl brand, Rousey mostly sat barefoot in front of a camera when she didn’t poke a atmosphere with discerning punches between shots. The whole time she sported jeans in an array of clean, unsettled and detailed washes from a Hope line, that integrated her suggestions for formulating gentle though graceful jeans for curvy, jaunty women.

For instance, a spare jeans she donned in her initial ad debate felt too parsimonious around a calves. Serving as a arrange of in-house fit model, she told Iconix that a lot of women who are athletes or have fuller total can’t wear spare styles absolutely but intuiting that a denim limited their legs. “I’m an active person,” Rousey said.

Buffalo listened, conceptualizing skinny, foot cut and true legs with a contour waistband out of ultra-stretchy fabric blended from cotton, polyester, viscose and elastane. Now, Rousey said, “I don’t have to scapegoat comfort for looking and feeling good.”

To uncover consumers how accurately she stays active, Buffalo and Rousey are sponsoring a amicable media sweepstake that allows a leader to accommodate a 29-year-old contestant in her training gym in Southern California.

“She’s a really singular star,” pronounced Vinny Nesi, a comparison clamp boss during Iconix. “She has an interest as most to males as to women. Obviously, a guys are fans of hers since of a competition and locus she plays in and she’s an appealing immature lady. She represents a voice in a womanlike empowerment movement.”

Rousey comes opposite as some-more than a luminary spokesmodel for Buffalo. She also gives it an event to change a increasingly disproportionate ratio between a men’s and women’s sales. In a final 4 years, a women’s side has seen a share trip to 20 percent from 40 percent in comparison to a men’s business, Nesi said. Buffalo has taken stairs to scold a discrepancy, such as opening a denim bar stocked with women’s jeans during Macy’s this year.

As explanation of a friendship to a women’s market, Nesi pronounced this campaign’s bill is “considerably bigger” than a initial one that featured Rousey. He declined to divulge specific figures. The ads are set to run in magazines such as Cosmopolitan. Rousey also will be creation her first coming during Project in Las Vegas to accommodate with Buffalo’s sell buyers during a trade show.

“Ronda exudes certainty wherever she goes,” Nesi said. “We aggressively wish to build a women’s business.”

Launch Gallery: Photos of Ronda Rousey in Buffalo David Bitton’s Fall 2016 Ads

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