Ruth Bass: Faded blue denim connects a prolonged thread of good memories

March 11, 2018 - fall Denim

RICHMOND — The thread that ties this family to Paul Rich began a tour one afternoon in 1960 when a short, white-haired male named Isadore Secunda wanted to sell us a mattress. At his New England Furniture on Fourth Street, he jumped on a bed and laid down to denote how good it was — afterwards bounced off and invited me to try it.

Those were a days when women went offered in skirts, maybe even heels. Dressed like that, and newlywed as well, we was ashamed during a really thought and declined. But we bought a mattress. When we eventually could means some-more than a singular chair in a vital room, we went behind and began to buy couches and dining room tables and all sorts of things. In a process, we met Izzy’s son-in-law Paul who did not burst on beds and whose still appearance and good ambience appealed to us. He was a pointed salesman and really good during it.

Paul Rich and Rick Petricca, both army in moulding their special segments of a Berkshire economy, were on a necrology page on a same day final week. A Berkshire native, Rick’s initial business career was offered chickens and eggs as a child, and he went on to found or work many successful businesses. Paul was roughly a native, relocating here during a immature age and carrying his initial pursuit in his father’s news outlets on North Street. He returned to North Street years after when he determined Paul Rich and Sons Furnishings and eventually took over an whole block, as a firm’s repute grew.

We have this comfy denim cot in a vital room, a deputy for a some-more grave one that wore out during a years of flourishing children. The cot is not taste — we were always some-more into comfort than interior decoration. It’s good to lay on, distortion on, snooze overnight on. If a vigilant is to distortion down and read, a book will substantially tumble on a building when a reader succumbs to a nap. Recently, looking during a faded state, we wondered out shrill if it was time for a new couch. The grandson ensconced on it during that impulse popped adult to say, “No, we can’t get absolved of this couch.” So it stays.

Paul sole us that square of seat and afterwards delivered a transcribe to one of a children and his mother in Connecticut. No problem, he said, as prolonged as we don’t mind watchful until a lorry goes your way. That’s when we schooled that second-homers had detected a upscale store and bought not usually for their Berkshire places, though for their permanent houses. A Paul Rich lorry competence pass we in Boston, New York or anywhere in between.

Over a years, Paul found us a seat repairman, sent his installer when a crony in a building covering business gave us step carpeting and betrothed to dispatch someone if we indispensable assistance flipping a mattress. More importantly, he became a crony we were blissful to see anywhere given a review was always good, either he was throwing adult on a kids, bragging about his grandchildren, giving his views on a issues of a day or deliberating Moravian furniture. He was always so nice, so interested. In his after years, he had a critical problem with his eyes, though to us outsiders he seemed to understanding with that prophesy detriment — and a concomitant restrictions — with aplomb.

It’s been utterly awhile given Paul has been a unchanging tie among a Persian rugs, dining room tables and, yes, mattresses, though his truth has stayed on North Street. Our step carpeting was utterly unfair about 4 years ago when we unexpected indispensable to implement one of those implausible electric chairs to bond a initial and second floors. Could we get a ragged out runner altered and a chair commissioned in time for my husband’s homecoming from rehab?

I called Paul Rich Furnishings and asked for Tom, Paul and Betty’s son, and told him a problem. He was behind to me in a day or so with a contractor’s name and a declaration that a organisation would come roughly immediately and change a carpet. It wasn’t a sale for him, it was only a thing to do to assistance out. Little things meant a lot.

Tonight I’ll remove my place in a whodunit I’m reading by descending defunct on faded denim. Or consider about Paul and his mother Betty while we watch TV in a comfort of a Paul Rich chair that we share, in illumination hours, with a dog who thinks it’s a best place in a residence to sit.

Ruth Bass is a former Sunday editor of The Eagle. Her website is

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