See by Chloé

December 7, 2017 - fall Denim

The gallery lady heads to a Berlin underground—could anything feel some-more in fashion? For Pre-Fall 2018, a pattern group sent their See by Chloé troubadour true into a Mitte with a mutated lineup of their signature silhouettes. To conjure a city’s hip preservation emporium vibe, there were piles of plush, corpulent knits and ’80s velvet crewnecks, churned in with a customary stormy blouses and easy floral dresses one expects from a label.

It felt cooler on a whole, some-more downtown hoyden than gamine. High-waisted denim was cut true and boxy, some-more like a painter’s work breathe than a customary beloved fit. Loose brace leg lane pants in a lifeless red crepe looked like a fun to wear with corpulent heeled boots and a filthy weave tucked into a waistband. There were some good styling details, too—the approach extra-long checked pants pooled around a ankles only so. The cleared palette was sensitive by a work of Jens Fänge, a Swedish Postmodern painter famous for his pretty, pale renderings of offbeat interiors, and competence only give a sip of artistic cred to any gallery lady wearing it.

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