Shockoe Denim expands to full line of clothing

February 16, 2015 - fall Denim

Shockoe Denim has fast warranted a repute for producing artistic though durable jeans given a initial in 2012.

Every span of jeans and khakis is handmade during a company’s prolongation building on South 15th Street in Shockoe Bottom.

Now this conform startup is aiming higher, by conceptualizing a full line of wardrobe and renaming itself Shockoe Atelier.

Founder Anthony Lupesco pronounced a company’s 18 employees shabby a origination of an “atelier,” or artist’s workshop. The 29-year-old looks to his grade from a Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and to his parents, for inspiration.

“I wanted to emanate a collection that elevates denim, though is a brew of styles,” Lupesco said.

In fact, Shockoe Atelier’s simple truth is a hybrid: partial American birthright (think strange Levi’s) and partial haute couture (think Italian conform engineer Brunello Cucinelli).

Lupesco’s relatives know a thing or dual about high fashion. They have some-more than 40 years of knowledge with Italian oppulance brands. His father ran a bureau in Italy and after designed European-style sweaters and scarves during a Essential Life Style Elements, or ELSE, store in a Georgetown area of Washington.

And Lupesco operated a high-end men’s and women’s attire store called If by Anthony Lupesco that operated for a integrate of years in Shockoe Slip commencement in 2006.

But he wanted to furnish something in a United States — and he picked jean manufacturing.

Peddling denim can be an ascending conflict in today’s rival and innovative wardrobe world.

Managing partner and co-owner Matt Rho, before with private-equity organisation New Richmond Ventures, pronounced business design to be offering an whole outfit.

“We could’ve only clinging ourselves to denim heads,” pronounced Rho, referring to fans of tender denim, an unsanitary fabric that conforms to a wearer’s body. “But many of them, and others, are wondering what’s subsequent — so we’re here to offer some ideas.”

The subsequent step, Rho explains, is pairing a wholeness of jeans with amiable tops. Vivid textures and mottled colors conclude a collection, with pieces such as alpaca nap ditch coats, speckled vests, and floral imitation shirts.

A few husky edges, on equipment like unhemmed scarves and patchwork jeans, italicize Shockoe Atelier’s fine-tuned vision. “There’s a lot of Richmond in this company,” Rho said. “At a same time, we’re going for a worldly look.”

The presentation of a Richmond mantle district is a genuine possibility, pronounced Paul Trible, who co-founded Ledbury 5 years ago. The Richmond-based high-end shirt and accessories business lifted $5 million in try appropriation final year.

But appearing cold to business isn’t so easy, he said.

“It’s formidable to juggle a roles of branding, sell participation and e-commerce,” Trible said. “Shockoe Atelier was intelligent to rise a specialty first, so now their new line of wardrobe can only tumble into place.”

Rho and Lupesco determine that indiscriminate will be Shockoe Atelier’s lifeblood, as a business expands.

“These pants are homegrown, and people like that,” pronounced Owen Payne, who works in sales during Need Supply Co. store in Carytown, where Shockoe Atelier jeans are sole and are popular.

Payne started as a Shockoe Denim customer, before apropos an novice in Aug 2013. “The Cottrell is my favorite,” he said, describing a black slim true denim jean that sells for $195. “But a Slim Six is a tighten second, since a denim is from a Japanese mill, and it fades beautifully over time.”

Lupesco declined to give income and sales numbers, suggesting that Shockoe Atelier’s desirous new line conveys a profitability of a flagship denim product.

The company’s denim sell for between $195 and $325.

Shockoe Atelier gets a denim element for a stream bestselling jeans, a Big Six Original, from Cone Mills in Greensboro, N.C.

“We only motionless to compare a best materials with forlorn construction,” Lupesco said. “We’re after that undying quality.”

Research organisation NPD Group reports that 7 percent of denim consumers spend $75 or some-more per pair. The marketplace value of reward denim is estimated during $1.4 billion, though some attention experts are endangered about flourishing preferences for ultra-casual jaunty wear.

According to a Cotton Inc. Lifestyle Monitor Survey, a tellurian jeans marketplace will be value $56 billion by 2018. Even via a many new recession, U.S. consumers kept their closets full with about 7 pairs of jeans on average.

Shockoe Atelier’s tumble and winter collection will be accessible in Sep during a Shockoe Bottom store, Need Supply Co. and Context Clothing, a boutique in Madison, Wis. Pictures of a collection are accessible during Denim pants start during $195.

“No compromises; that’s the sign here,” Rho added. The shirts, that underline hand-sewn details, will be made by a tiny family association in Italy.

“Shockoe Atelier isn’t about accumulating a ton of things,” Lupesco said. “Instead, we’re anticipating people will find a square that resonates with them.”

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