Siki Im

February 7, 2018 - fall Denim

Siki Im, a top-honors Oxford connoisseur who eschewed a no-doubt shining career during an design organisation of his selecting to pursue fashion, looked behind to his tyro days for his new men’s collection. To a young, susceptible German, it contingency have been an outlandish place ripping with Anglo-intrigue. He pronounced he was drawn to a contrariety of a world-class university nestled in a ancient village, “the bizarre brew of modernity and tradition.”

With sold relish, he remembers a enthusiasm of nights spent during drum-and-bass clubs in London before movement behind to campus in a diminutive hours and watching, with tired amusement, professors moseying to category in their fundamentally brownish-red plaid suits. That would explain a majority of brownish-red plaid and gray tweed for Fall—a extraordinary flaw for a avant-gardist. But these weren’t verbatim re-creations of a professorial look; rather, they were folded into Im’s streamlined, dragging prophesy of men’s.

Wool blazers were rendered in collarless kimono shapes, chinos were peg-legged and pintucked, flannels were updated and see-through, and boxy load pockets were assembled in real-to-the-touch vegan leather or vegan fur. A bullion thermal raincoat with relating using shorts was a tiny shot to a system, agreeably so, while a denim priest shirt was, according to Im, “just weird.” Other memories cropped up, too, in a oddest of ways, like moto pants that harked behind to a motorbikes that Im saw zipping around town, hence a helmets in a lookbook.

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