Silver Jeans Co.™ Launches New Fluid Denim For Women

October 1, 2015 - fall Denim

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Silver Jeans Co.™ launched a insubordinate denim fabric for their Fall 2015 collection that’s utilizing widen to truly ideal shape: Fluid Denim for women.

Fluid Denim is an ultra-soft fabric crafted to contour, lift and figure a physique with forlorn recovery—which means it won’t ever widen out. Fluid Denim is comprised of a lightweight, complicated super widen string blend, trimming from 9.25-11 oz. in weight, reinforced by adult to 2% spandex and finished with a super soothing handfeel. This fabric naturally has an effervescent peculiarity for limit influence and shaping—this pointed nonetheless absolute girdling outcome can make women adult to a full distance smaller.

Of a new fabric, Silver Jeans Co.™ President Michael Silver says, “We’re ardent about denim and always looking for new ways to mangle a mold. We’re anxious to deliver a new innovative fabric for a Silver Jeans Co. patron that builds on a denim birthright with truly complicated construction.”

The new Fluid Denim fabric is partial of Silver Jeans Co.’s innovative Comfort Series, a line of fabric options that infuses normal denim with a hold of widen for ultimate comfort. The array also includes: Super Stretch, soothing and lightweight denim with max widen for a second-skin feel; Classic Stretch; Classic 5-pocket denim with a demeanour and feel of a sweatpant and a double sided wobble normal denim with only a spirit of stretch.

As partial of a fabric launch, Silver Jeans Co. will emanate a amicable media debate around a hashtag: #ShowUsYourS. The debate will entice business to sketch themselves feeling good in their jeans; a “S” is a anxiety to Silver Jeans Co.’s signature S-scroll on their behind pockets.

The new fabric will be accessible as partial of Silver Jeans Co.’s stream collection of fits for women: Suki, Aiko and Tuesday. Fluid Denim comprises 45% of a Fall collection, ensuring there’s a ideal fit for each body.

Fluid Denim will be accessible for Fall 2015.

About Silver Jeans Co.
Silver Jeans Co.™ is a multiplication of Western Glove Works, a family-owned association producing peculiarity denim products for 90 years. Established in 1991 by Michael Silver, a devotees know Silver Jeans Co.™ as a must-have code for those who direct a ideal fit from their jeans. The code gives conform savvy nonetheless cost-conscious business a latest styles and best peculiarity during an affordable price. As a company, Silver Jeans Co.™ is always essay to perform a goal to wobble a passion of a domestic jeans into a story of your life. Silver Jeans Co.™ products are sole in a US during a possess freestanding sell locations, eccentric retailers such as M. Fredric, specialty bondage such as Buckle, and vital dialect stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Dillard’s. Suggested sell cost for Silver Jeans Co.™ jeans operation from $80-100, $39-79 for tops, and $89-119 for outerwear. For some-more information, visit:  

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