So long, muffin top! Celebrity stylist MARK HEYES reveals his tip tips to equivocate denim disasters

September 29, 2016 - fall Denim

  • Women have an normal of 10 pairs of jeans in their habit – yet usually wear two
  • Seven out of 10 women contend they NEVER wear jeans since they onslaught to find a right pair
  • Shoppers try on an normal 5 pairs of jeans before they find one they like
  • Lorraine’s luminary stylist Mark Heyes says there’s a span for everybody out there

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Holy grail? Stylist Mark Heyes says anticipating a ideal span of jeans needn't be a nightmare

Holy grail? Stylist Mark Heyes says anticipating a ideal span of jeans needn’t be a nightmare

They are a uniform of a world, a go-to object in a wardrobes of people from all walks of life.

But notwithstanding their unusual popularity, many of us find shopping jeans a horrible experience.

It was suggested on a Lorraine uncover this morning that new investigate showed women have an normal of 10 pairs of jeans in their wardrobes – yet they wear usually dual of them.

And 7 out of 10 women acknowledge they never wear jeans during all, so unfit do they find it to get a span of jeans they like.

It’s fashion’s impractical quest: we design so many from a jeans. We
want them to lift and figure a prosaic bottom, slim a thigh and widen a
leg – all a while ridding us of a dreaded muffin tip and rootless tummy… miracles that certainly usually a multiple of freakishly good genes and
a gifted surgeon could achieve.

How could a elementary object of habit wish to accommodate a demands?

Still, that doesn’t forestall us from
trying to find that denim Holy Grail – and it is partly a turn of our
expectations that sees us attack out of changing bedrooms withdrawal behind
a tangled disaster of rejected denim in a wake.

On average, women try on 5 pairs of jeans before they find a span they like. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Celebrity stylist Mark Heyes says
there unequivocally is a span of jeans out there for everybody – it’s usually a
matter of anticipating a right ones.

‘I consider it’s engaging – so many women consider they have to spend a happening on engineer jeans – yet they unequivocally don’t,’ he said.

‘The High Street is a good place to emporium for them. Almost all a High Street jeans have a tiny volume of Lycra calm to give them stretch, that creates a outrageous difference.’

‘It competence not be as good peculiarity as a tip engineer brands so they competence not final we as long, yet they are so inexpensive we can reinstate them.

‘I always contend if we find a span we love, go out and buy 3 pairs – you’ll have them for a good diminutive while.’

Mark recommends Moto in Topshop, River Island and Oasis as a High Street places to emporium for jeans.

‘I ‘fess up,’ he says. ‘I used to
love my Dior Homme jeans, and I’d buy them during £180 a time. But all of a
sudden a cost went adult to £400 – we child we not.


Muffin top

Builder’s bottom

‘Sausage skin’ demeanour from too-tight jeans

Gaping waistband

Ankle swingers on high women

‘I couldn’t spend that on a span of jeans. we started going to a High Street, and we found that Gap has a unequivocally good operation of jeans, and
a staff are lerned to an intensely good turn if we explain to
them what we want.’

Beware a character rut though, explains Mark. ‘It’s easy to get stranded in a rut with a span of denims,’ he says.

‘I pronounced on Lorraine this morning that for girls with incomparable hips, bootcut are a most
flattering – yet if I’d have had some-more time to explain, I’d have said
that women shouldn’t usually hang to bootcut yet perplexing other styles.

‘The bootcut can be a small ageing, a
bit Noughties – like you’re stranded in that Stella McCartney epoch of
wearing bootcut jeans and a sparkly top.

‘Be cautions. The word ‘skinny’ scares people, yet in reality, whatever your size, spare or true leg jeans tend to demeanour so many better.

‘I will mostly put a distance 18 or 20 lady in span of jeans yet provide them like leggings and put a tip or tailoring over a top.’

One of a some-more common issues women face is a gaping waistband, Mark says.

‘So many girls contend to me that the
gape during a behind is infuriating. I’ve found a curvier models – distance 16
and and a lot of black girls we character need a certain distance to fit their
bottoms, yet are left with a gaping waistband.

‘River Island seem have been means to cut their some of their jeans so they don’t have a peep during a back.’

High-waisted jeans are best left to models in photoshoots, says Mark

Pockets on a derriere make a bottom demeanour smaller, he adds

Top tips: High-waisted jeans are best left to models in photoshoots or those underneath 18, says Mark – select high arise instead to assistance disguise a tummy. RIGHT: Pockets on a derriere make a bottom demeanour smaller, as demonstrated by a poetic Joan Collins in 1981

‘If we are unwavering of your tummy, a
high-rise – not high-waisted (you don’t wish to demeanour like Kath and Kim)
will offer a bit of security.

‘You wish a waistband to lay usually next a swell symbol to reason in that small bit of stomach yet looking aged fashioned.’

But he warns it’s critical not to mistake
high-rise for high-waisted jeans. The 70s demeanour that is so successful
in debate images is best left to a unequivocally youthful, he says.

‘Even yet high-waisted denims are
all over Miss Selfridge, for instance, they are impossibly tough to wear.
To me, they usually unequivocally work in photoshoots – they demeanour a bit dumb in
real life.

‘They emanate a stomach where there isn’t one and make a bottom demeanour bigger than it is.’

But when it comes to clever flash-in-the-pan trends, Mark says go for it.

‘Patterned denim – like those leopard
imitation Current/Elliot jeans we are saying everywhere are good fun. If
you adore your jeans, go with it – fashion’s about carrying fun and they’ll
be a good tack for your autumn/winter wardrobe.

‘But from an investment indicate of
view, we competence not get a many out of them if we spend a fortune. My
rule is, if it’s unequivocally trend led, go on a High Street – it’s a UK.’

When it comes to shapes that are here to stay, Mark is all about a skinny.

‘I always speak about a 3 season
order – if something lasts for 3 seasons or more, it becomes a
wardrobe basic, and we’ve been saying a spare jeans conformation for during slightest 10 seasons now.

‘That is what happened with jumpsuits –
they started off on a catwalk, as correct high fashion, afterwards after a
couple of seasons Wallis is doing them and they’re here to stay.’


Darker denims will give a slimmer silhouette

Pockets on derriere make a bottom seem smaller

Avoid overhang – select a aloft waistband to well-spoken a lumps and bumps

Curvy girls: Try bootcut for change – yet don’t get stranded in a Noughties character rut – do try skinnies too, they can mostly be some-more flattering

Buy jeans in suit to waist and hips to forestall gaping during a waistband



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