Standard owners Farshad Arshid shares his character favorites

May 26, 2015 - fall Denim

The internal tradesman and his mother will open a new denim heart in Ponce City Market this summer

May 26, 2015

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Farshad Arshid
Photograph by Ben Rollins

Farshad Arshid
Owner of menswear store Standard, franchisee of dutch code G-Star Raw during Lenox Square

This summer, internal tradesman Arshid and his wife, Sandy, will open an as-yet-unnamed denim heart during Ponce City Market. Arshid skeleton to offer sapphire in any possible size, wash, and style, from a many simple ($50 Levi’s) to a many disdainful (handcrafted Japanese denim). You’ll also find a denim “workshop,” with a tailor providing tradition fit, finishes, and repair. What we won’t find: anything else. “We only wish to do one thing really, unequivocally well,” he says.

Hails from Iran, though we changed to Houston when we was 11.
Neighborhood Brookhaven
Hangout The sushi bar during Umi in front of Chef Ito. My brother, Farshid, owns it. We’re any other’s support group.
Favorite span of jeans Edwin slim selvage.
Jeans no-go Court, weddings, and funerals.
Favorite Denim innovation The further of widen to heavy-duty men’s jeans.
Clothing we love Maison Kitsuné has a fun component but being childish. And Tiger of Sweden; for fall, they teamed adult with Kraftwerk, a German synth band. [Available during Standard.]
Style icons Tom Ford and Steve McQueen. Both have a certain morality and a clarity of ease—it never looks forced.
Where we shop Star Provisions. I’m spooky with kitchen gadgets.
Your shoes Mark McNairy. They’re built to last, a reinvention of a classics. For a some-more infrequent feel, I’ll go with Adidas Stan Smiths or Rod Lavers.
Favorite object in your closet My Liverpool Football Club jersey. My hermit and we have been into a group given we were kids. YNWA!
Trends we wish to see die A bootcut jean kind of needs to go away. And a overly exuberant behind pocket—it’s cheesy. But I’ll still batch some during a store, we guess!

Buddied Up
Arshid has also partnered with internal tradesman John Rich. They’ll open an adjacent brick-and-mortar during PCM of Rich’s renouned online shop, Oakleaf Acorn.

Jean-eology 101

Ring spun

Denim done of chronicle that’s been rolled and twisted. Softer, stronger, and pricier than denim of open-end chronicle (fades improved too).

Selvage (aka selvedge)

A crisply finished corner on a middle seams, distinct most, that are unprepared and can simply fray. Often identified by red thread.

This essay creatively seemed in the May 2015 issue.

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