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October 4, 2016 - fall Denim

BC Lions actor Ryan Phillips shows off his personal character in slim-cut denim and a button-down shirt.

B.C. Lions actor Ryan Phillips shows off his personal character in slim-cut denim and a button-down shirt.


Ryan Phillips is no foreigner to uniforms.

The B.C. Lions maestro has stepped out in his football regalia for some-more than a decade — though a defensive behind has a character all his own when he’s not dressed for diversion time. 

The father and father of dual says he looks to be a personality on and off a field, and if that includes moving others in a approach they dress, he’s OK with that, too. 

“I consider (my teammates) try to duplicate me a small bit and some guys try to take some notes, that is fine,” Phillips says. “My thing is, during a finish of a day, if we can have a certain impact on someone we consider that’s great.”

In support of his partnership with Mark’s Work Warehouse, Phillips chatted with The Sun about tumble fashion, his personal character and anticipating a right denim fit. 

Q. How would we report your personal style? 

A. It’s versatile. I’m a man that likes to be well-rounded.  

Q. I’ve listened we like to go monochrome with your looks. What can we share about that?

A. I’m relating all a time. That’s what get my teammates all riled adult given they contend we always match. If I’m going to be in red or blue or green, I’m going to be in that from conduct to toe — from a shirt to a shoes. That’s kind of always how I’ve always been and my mom is a same way, so we censure her for that. (laughs)

Q. You’re a maestro on a B.C. Lions roster, so your teammates contingency demeanour adult to we on a field. But do we consider they try to duplicate your conform clarity formed on what they see in a locker-room?

A. Some younger guys come in and don’t know how critical professionalism is both on and off a field. First impressions go a prolonged way. So, if we can assistance somebody dress a bit improved and benefaction themselves in a some-more veteran demeanour only by them looking during what we wear and a longevity of my career, I’m happy with that. 

Q. You’re from Seattle creatively and have played for B.C. given 2005, how do we consider your Pacific Northwest tie is reflected in your wardrobe? 

A. Living in a Pacific Northwest we do get a sip of all a seasons — and during any impulse it might rain. One thing I’ve schooled is that sweaters are never out of character and are something that we always have to have. Lightweight sweaters and button-up shirts, either ragged together or alone, are essential for a business-casual demeanour that works good no matter what you’re doing — either that’s pushing to practice, going to a business assembly or picking adult a kids from school. 

BC Lions #21 Ryan Phillips .

B.C. Lions #21 Ryan Phillips.

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Q. So, we’re headed into tumble and we can’t speak anniversary conform though articulate denim. What’s your favourite style? 

A. For me, we like a slim-fit look. But it also has to be a slim-fit cut that has flexibility. Levi’s has finished a good pursuit of carrying a slim fit with some-more coherence in a waist, hips and thighs. As a chairman that has a bit some-more flesh or tone, we don’t wish to wear a heavy, baggier jean. we still wish comfort, though we like a slim fit that we can wear in a some-more veteran environment. 

Q. As a father, father and veteran athlete, how critical is flexibility for we when selecting your clothes? 

A. Versatility and carrying things that we can squeeze on a go are always huge. we have dual boys we don’t always have a time to get all ready. And that includes shopping, given it seems you’re always selling for your kids. So, we always like to have those pieces that are prepared to go. That’s where denim always comes into play for me. And a good no-iron symbol adult that we can only chuck in a dryer for 5 mins and go. 

Q. You’ve partnered with Mark’s Work Warehouse this deteriorate to assistance foster their denim collections. How did this come about? 

A. I’m an contestant and father though we like to demeanour fashionable. And we consider they don’t mostly get a credit they merit for a preference of denim they have. we consider they move a lot of flexibility and options for men. They have options for a conform man and options for work. … And we consider a lot some-more people need to lift their recognition of what Mark’s has to offer given it’s not only for dads, it’s for everybody. 

Q. As a father of dual sons, aged 10 and 4, do we find your boys are commencement to obey your personal character during all? 

A. They’re unequivocally all about a matching. Even when we tell my 10-year-old to run and put something on, we will hide around a dilemma and see him laying things out on his bed to see if something matches. And if it doesn’t, he puts it back. It’s kind of fun in that sense.  

Q. So, it’s OK for your sons to follow in your conform footsteps, though what would we contend if they came to we and pronounced they wish to follow in your veteran footsteps and play pro football?

A. Honestly, we would contend go follow your dreams. we started personification football when we was 7 years aged and we haven’t stopped since. It has finished wonders for my career, wonders for my family and wonders for my knowledge and memories. And that’s what life is about — your practice and your memories. That’s all we unequivocally have. For me, a memories we have combined with my family and my friends are something that is precious and will final me a lifetime. we tell my sons all a time that income comes and goes. But a memories are things that never get erased. So, a success I’ve had in my career has been staggering in my life and helped me to emanate memories for my kids. So we would support them in whatever they motionless to do. 

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