Style Tom Ford Fall 2015 Menswear

January 14, 2015 - fall Denim


  • Tim Blanks
  • January 15, 2015

Tom Ford wears dual hats: engineer and director. Today he managed to fit them both on his conduct during a same time by entertainment a lean, mean, ’60s-styled menswear impulse underneath a unblinking glisten of dual klieg lights that would have finished any soundstage proud. Ford claimed that what we were saying was a parsimonious edit, “only a things that are many directional,” and a display changed during an amphetaminized gait that matched a slight silhouette, white shirts and black ties, Crombies, duffels, and other habit staples of a immature civic blade. In fact, a boys could have stepped true out of a pages of Goodbye Baby Amen, Ford’s crony David Bailey’s classical paean to London during a mid-’60s cool-to-coldest.

The renouned notice of Ford’s menswear is that he is a sartorial pet of a one percent, a tailor of choice for sidestep funders. He’s recently been bucking that bias by focusing on sportswear, though here he churned a two: suits and sportswear, houndstooth and leather, eveningwear and trainers. The opinion lopsided younger than before, as immature as all-American denim drainpipes, and a collection was all a some-more vibe-tastic since of it. His velvet jackets, for instance—luscious signature pieces—were reconfigured in op art monochrome. Ford settled that reinventing eveningwear is a genuine plea for him. Sexy and serious felt like a fascinating pattern direction. Two hats, one head.

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