StyleByte: "That ’70s Show”

April 1, 2015 - fall Denim


StyleByte: “That ’70s Show”

From a runway to travel style, ‘that ’70s show’ is behind and in full throttle. With flared jeans, border appliqué, and suede galore; you’ll shortly feel like we are in a time warp. Many of we shiver consider of what we wore afterwards and to picture carrying to trip behind into a high waisted denim is simply too many to bare. But conform is cyclical and a good epoch will always make a come back. So how do we make a trend work for we but going overboard?

Denim: The simplest approach to supplement a new trend into your life is alway with denim. You are committing to a trend in a many non-commital way. If we are vehement for a ’70s demeanour afterwards squeeze yourself a span of high waisted denim with a far-reaching leg. (Make certain to tuck something into them as we wish to intensify a rise.) If we are a small bit some-more timid, afterwards try a flared leg (which is a small wider than a standard bootcut; however, after years of a skinny-domination, they feel about a same as your aged foot cuts). And if we simply can't give adult your skinnies for a wider leg afterwards supplement some border to your outfit.

Fringe: Fringe will be tough to skip this summer and tumble as it has been practical to many everything. Again if we wish to get critical about a ’70s style, we would stone a suede border cloak (with high waisted jeans) or a pleasing suede border skirt. For a some-more shy friend, try an easy shoe, bag, or necklace with a appliqué and we will be vehement during how fast we feel trendy.

One-piece: If we haven’t desired a jumpsuit or romper yet, now is your time. The one-piece character is not going anywhere and it is about time that we attempted it. If you’re wavering since we are on a shorter side, try a romper or jumper that has a tangible waist as it will be some-more graceful on your figure but strenuous your size.

Outerwear: The outerwear going into tumble is mind-blowingly good. Between a suedes, a fringe, and a ponchos we are certain to find something that fits within your comfort zone. Throw a poncho over spare denim or a flare, with a elementary flat, boot, or bootie and strike a road.

It is always critical with any trend to take it in moderation. If we are going to emergence a flared jean and border jacket, afterwards we don’t need a border bag and boots to go with it. Choose one or during a maximum, dual concentration pieces so that we don’t overcome your look. And if we only wish to dally in a character we would hang with flared denim, a border shoe, or border bag. That will give we a cocktail that we are looking for but it being too much. Have fun with a trend; remember conform is ostensible to be exciting. But not each trend works for everybody so if this doesn’t feel like a right fit for we afterwards pass on a style. I’ll take certainty over being smart any day! If we have questions or need some help, stop by a store we are always here to help.


XX Ashley
Ashley Rothwell-Campagna
Owner, Apt. 202


PIC 1 Runway: Valentino, Sonia Rykiel, Louis Vuitton, Chloe
PIC 2 Street Style supposing by Harpers Bazarre
PIC 3: Mother, Frame, Rag and Bone denim
PIC 4: Skirt: ThePerfext, Top shoe: Sam Edelman  Bag: Ramy Brook  Bikini: Luli Fama  Thong: cocobelle
PIC 5: One-piece: Splendid, Bailey 44, Rami Brook
PIC 6: One by SW3 Bespoke, 12th St. by Cynthia Vincent, Club Monaco, Ulla Johnson, Rebecca Minkoff

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