Supermodel Natasha Poly Unleashes Hidden Singing Talent in New Music Video

October 5, 2015 - fall Denim

While it’s singular for a indication to possess a cocktail star-worthy outspoken range, fashion favorite Natasha Poly seems to challenge a odds. Once only upheld off as a hidden talent, a Russian-born super has finally common her enviable singing skills—as listened shrill and transparent in a new music video for Frame Denim’s Fall 2015 campaign. 

“All of my cousins went to song school. One would go each day to song propagandize and her voice was so beautiful. we would all a time try to duplicate her. we would come behind to my mom and say, ‘Why don’t we send me to song school? we consider I’m unequivocally good,'” Poly remembers. “It kind of only stayed with me. It was only something we unequivocally liked.”

Today, during 30 years old, her music dreams have become a existence interjection to her latest gig as a face of Frame. ​”I was during another pursuit with her and we were carrying a cooking with her after a shoot. we literally asked her, ‘What would we have finished if we weren’t going to be a model?’ She was like, ‘Well, we was going to be a singer,'” says tag owner Erik Torstensson. “I had no idea.”

After Torstensson listened an iPhone recording of Poly singing, it was shortly motionless that she must lend her voice to the brand’s new ad; an event that inspired her to work harder than ever. “In a beginning, we rehearsed myself during home and was study all a lyrics,” a 5-foot-10 stunner explains. “I came into a studio and started singing so loudly, and they were like, ‘You are doing good though it isn’t a character of a music!’ That was a humorous moment.” 

Eventually, she held on and now Poly is eyeing a probable (and maybe even permanent?) move from a runway to a recording studio. ​”Yeah, we could! we meant we unequivocally enjoyed it and we consider it could be unequivocally great,” she reveals. “I could see myself doing it again.​”

Watch “Alert Amour” below: 

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