Syd DJ Starts Crowdfund Campaign After 3-Storey Hotel Fall: ‘It’s A Miracle’

April 12, 2017 - fall Denim

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Dan Single. Photo around Instagram:

Following news emerging late final month that founding member of Sydney DJ common Bang Gang, Dan Single (Dangerous Dan), had fallen 3 floors from a Paris balcony, Single has oral out for a initial time about his condition, and has asked fans for financial help.

Single, who also founded renouned denim tag Ksubi, writes on a GoFundMe page that, “YES! Everything we have listened is true.

“I fell 3 floors (35metres) out of my hotel room in Paris, did a sumersault [sic] and landed on my feet that saved my spine and my brain (a spectacle says a doctor, 1 in 100 million chance).

“I did however break each bone from my feet to my hips and pelvis. we have been in a coma for dual weeks, had 8 operations and am lonesome in pins and bolts in my bones.”

Single’s GoFundMe page — titled ‘SHIT GOT REAL’ — asks fans to present $250,000 to “help account a sanatorium bill, rehab bill, early flights home, being incompetent to make bread and work over a subsequent months and all a incedentals [sic] a family is covering during a moment”.

However, as Pedestrian.TV points out, a fundraising page has usually lifted a small $460 of a $250,000 goal, with a series of donations as small as $5 and countless comments doubt Single and his mother Bambi Northwood-Blyth’s inability to account sanatorium bills when they flourish intemperate engineer products and endless travel on their amicable media channels.

An unknown concession writes, “How come we can account partying, celebration and abroad trips though not your possess recovery? Not calm with a fundraiser ball, we now wish to scrounge from a ubiquitous public? I’ll give we $5 with a solitary vigilant of revelation we what an simpleton everybody thinks we are.”

Another says, “I am also withdrawal $5. we am contemptible we are hurt, it could occur to anyone, and we do not wish we ill. You should realize however that we plan a picture of a really juvenile man. You won’t be “given” 250K; it’s seems self-delusional, miserly and grasping. There are people truely honourable of financial assistance and your rain (no joke meant) appears to have been brought about as a outcome of your possess well-documented story of epicurean behaviour. Take this down b4 too many people see it and stop desiring your possess PR.”

Fairfax reports that a deputy from Single’s group could not endorse or repudiate a flawlessness of a GoFundMe page and said, “I can’t criticism on that today, sorry.” 

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