T-Mobile Lumia 925 & AT&T Lumia 1520 Get Lumia Denim

February 26, 2015 - fall Denim

More and some-more users are removing an softened camera knowledge and a ability to trigger a Cortana personal partner though touching their phone this week. The refurbish that contains both features, referred to as Lumia Denim, has arrived for owners of a T-Mobile Lumia 925 and a ATT Lumia 1520.

The ATT Lumia 1520 became one of a few Windows Phones accessible in a United States to get a Lumia Denim refurbish this morning. Microsoft’s refurbish tracker page says that a refurbish is now accessible to users who purchased a device.

Lumia 1520 Review (7)

Often deliberate Nokia’s initial approach aspirant with Samsung’s Galaxy Note line, a Lumia 1520 launched in a tumble of 2013 with a large 6-inch display, a 20 megapixel rear-facing camera and quad-core processor. The camera should see large improvements interjection to Lumia Denim, and that processor will capacitate a underline not accessible on roughly each other Windows Phone.

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The Lumia Camera 5 ascent inside a refurbish allows users to take cinema faster. There’s also support for involuntary HDR something that adds some character and tone contrasts to pictures. Other flagship smartphones like a Moto X 2014 embody involuntary HDR already. Dynamic Flash is also enclosed with a update, vouchsafing a Lumia 1520 and Lumia 925 snap cinema with or though peep usually in box one looks improved than a other. 4k video recording is enabled by a refurbish too. That’s another underline usually entrance to inclination that can support it like a Lumia 1520.

Cortana, a voice and content enabled personal partner that’s entrance to Microsoft’s Windows 10 handling system, gets always listening options in this update. Unfortunately, it’s that underline that roughly no other Windows Phones can take advantage of. Only a Lumia 1520, Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon are absolute adequate to support it.

T-Mobile Lumia 925 users won’t get a always listening Cortana feature, though will collect adult a Lumia Camera update. The improvements in estimate should concede a Lumia 925 to take cinema faster than it can today. That’s a pivotal alleviation given updates to Windows Phone have done a T-Mobile Lumia 925 a bit slow.

Windows Phone 8.1 should automatically prompt owners of a T-Mobile Lumia 925 and ATT Lumia 1520 to perform a Lumia Denim upgrade. Users can manually trigger a refurbish by going into their device’s Settings app and selecting Phone Update from a System menu. It’s critical to be connected to a Wi-Fi network before commencement a update.

Presumably, this will be a final vital firmware refurbish for a T-Mobile Lumia 925 and ATT Lumia 1520 before Microsoft rolls out a new chronicle of Windows entirely. Earlier this month, Microsoft expelled a Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview. The handling complement ascent is a ambience of what a association skeleton on releasing after this year. Already a ascent includes a redesigned Settings app and a ability to select a credentials for a Start Screen.

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Microsoft has a line-up of upgrades designed for Windows 10 for Phones that should assistance them improved fit in with a whole Windows ecosystem. Today, Windows Phones usually have entrance to a Store full of games and apps done privately for them. That’ll change with Windows 10, all versions of Windows and even a Xbox One will use a same Apps store. Every vital app enclosed with versions of Windows Phone 8.1 will have an updated app in this new chronicle of Windows 10 for Phones.

Microsoft has pronounced that it skeleton to ascent Windows Phone 8.1 inclination to Windows 10 for free. It’s also committed to releasing new iPhone rivals with Windows 10 built-in for a best experience.

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