THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT! You can’t take your eyes off Russell Westbrook

May 12, 2016 - fall Denim

Russell Westbrook walked into a ATT Center on Tuesday night, wearing some kind all-white ensemble, partial vintage, partial new age, with a faded denim jacket. Love it or offend it, we couldn’t demeanour away.

Westbrook danced pregame with Cameron Payne, afterwards took a justice and played stately and infuriating basketball.

Acrobatic drives to a basket. Goofy turnovers, including a double dribble, a defilement we competence not see called in a thousand games. Clutch 3-pointers, including a 31-footer with OKC down 6 points in a fourth entertain and a shot time impending zero. Maniacal rebounds that no other tellurian could replicate. Free reserve defense, using around usually looking for steals, withdrawal Tony Parker open as if he’s Andre Roberson. Game-winning plays during break time. Thirty-five points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists and 8 turnovers. Buy your ink by a tub when stuffing out Westbrook’s stat line.

Then after a game, a conform uncover on a talk podium, where a can’t-miss things is not what Westbrook says, though how he looks. The bitter-beer response during reporters’ mistake pas, dubious aspect during questions that offend him, eyes that light adult when he hears something he likes from partner Kevin Durant.

Typical night for Westbrook. Atypical stage, a Western Conference semifinal showdown opposite a Spurs. But standard night for Westbrook. Wild celebrations. Emotional outbursts. Facial expressions that would contrition a mime. And a standard night for Thunder fans.

“Ecstasy and agony,” pronounced Thunder fan Scott Rund of Edmond. “It’s a outrageous drum coaster. But we wouldn’t trade him for a world. By distant a many interesting actor in a league.”

Westbrook is a disturb a minute. A sky dive. Makes your heart bruise and your eyes wide. The perspective is stunning, a rush exhilarating. You’ll tarry — you’re flattering certain — though there’s adequate risk to keep we on edge.

“I cruise if someone is a fan of Westbrook, he needs to occupy a Serenity Prayer,” pronounced Thunder fan Mike O’Rourke of Tulsa, who coached Tulsa Memorial to a 1994 Class 6A state championship. “Then suffer a float since it will be a furious one.”

Westbrook is a polarizing figure in a NBA. Grudgingly, a basketball universe is starting to accept that Westbrook’s unusual feats trump his faults. Starting to accept that 8 turnovers is a cost of doing business with a indicate ensure who can measure and pass and miscarry like Oscar Robertson.

Westbrook is like a Kramer portrayal in “Seinfeld.” Remember a dual aged art critics earnestly study a portrait?

Woman: “I clarity good vulnerability. A man-child good out for love. An trusting waif in a post-modern world.”

Man: “I see a parasite. A … outrageous trespasser who is seeking usually to conciliate his basest and many evident urges.”

Woman: “His onslaught is a man’s struggle. He rises my spirit.”

Man: “He is a loathsome, descent brute. Yet we can’t demeanour away.”

None of us can demeanour divided from Westbrook. America dares not blink, since you’ll skip something extraordinary. Westbrook is as interesting as a Vegas accumulation show. A one-man Saturday Night Live. The disproportion for Thunder fans is, while they’re entertained, they’re also vital and failing with each possession.

“I cruise a group like family,” pronounced Thunder fan Joel Gilliland of Ponca City. “In that context, Russell is my favorite son, essentially since he’s been so foul maligned over a years. It’s been good examination him grow as a player, though when he creates bonehead mistakes — bad shot selection, drifting turnovers, idle defense, etc. — we wish to get in his face and yell, ‘Didn’t we usually work on that in a driveway? Come on, use your head!’ Then, when he puts together a masterpiece like final night, my chest swells and we wish to spin to whoever will listen and say, ‘That’s my boy!’”

Westbrook even entertains his teammates. Durant stays stoic, observant a Thunder sees Westbrook each day and so isn’t marveled by his overwhelming play.

“Obviously, people on a outward demeanour during a athleticism and him personification with emotions and personification with his heart on his sleeve,” Durant said. “The barking during a crowd, violence his chest, screaming, that’s a things we don’t unequivocally notice, since that’s usually who he is and we usually know his personality. It’s good for fans to see, see a chairman he is, how ardent he is about a game. They’re unequivocally starting to honour it now. But that’s something we’ve famous for a prolonged time.”

Maybe Durant is defence to a show. But Enes Kanter isn’t. Kanter’s been around about 15 months. And he likes a perspective either he’s on a justice or on a bench.

“The things he does is infrequently tough to believe,” Kanter said. “I have no difference for it. I’m carrying fun when I’m out there, examination him from a bench, since we never know what he’s gonna do. Pull a 3, go asperse on somebody and start yelling during somebody. It’s usually so most fun.”

You never know what Westbrook will do. Growl during a teammate. Fall on his sword, like he did after Game 3. Give a aw-shucks fist strike after a turnover in a final 90 seconds of Game 5 Tuesday night, all while personification invulnerability on Parker in a tie game. Wear a Mexican shawl to a arena. Threaten a quadruple double. Play basketball like it’s occasionally been played on Planet Earth.

“I’ve seen a lot of athletes in my life,” pronounced O’Rourke, a former basketball coach. “I cruise he is a best contestant I’ve ever seen. He is like a self-propelled grass mower with dual speeds. Fast and off. If we are going to mow, we improved be prepared to run.”

If you’re going to hearten for a Thunder, we improved be prepared to tag on a parachute and jump.

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