The 20 Best New York Shows of a New Millennium

July 18, 2016 - fall Denim

Mr. Robot

What it’s about: Genius hacker tries to overcome crippling obsession and stress issues to destroy an immorality corporation.

Where it takes place: Coney Island

Most New York moment: Mr. Robot shoves Elliot off a Coney Island pier.


What it’s about: Self-deprecating New York comedian has a uncover about being a self-deprecating comedian in New York.

Where it takes place: West Village

Most New York moment: In a uncover that’s typically flattering dark, one of a many beautiful, relaxed moments is of Louie eating all he can hold during Russ and Daughters. And there’s no line.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

What it’s about: Cops are funny, too!

Where it takes place: The illusory 99th Precinct of a NYPD in Brooklyn

Most New York moment: The whole patrol spends a day looking for their captain’s dog, since a NYPD has zero some-more critical to do.

Broad City

What it’s about: You wish to be friends with Abbi and Ilana, though we never will.

Where it takes place: Brooklyn

Most New York moment: Abbi and Ilana accommodate each singular fucking disgusting, irritating chairman we find on a subway.

Flight of a Conchords

What it’s about: Two charming, tolerably appealing New Zealanders play humorous song with humorous accents (and spasmodic do good Bowie impressions).

Where it takes place: Chinatown

Most New York moment: Shitty, low-budget commercials for Dave’s Pawn Shop, that is indeed during 10 Montgomery Street.

30 Rock

What it’s about: The initial 8 years of Tina Fey’s career.

Where it takes place: Exactly where you’d think

Most New York moment: Woman falls in a raise of trash.”There’s zero like New York in a spring!”

How we Met Your Mother

What it’s about: Whatever Friends was about.

Where it takes place: Upper West Side

Most New York moment: The squad talks about being a genuine New Yorker during a competition to see Woody Allen.

How to Make it in America

What it’s about: Millennials, a American dream, and denim!

Where it takes place: Brooklyn

Most New York moment: The intro is flattering on-point.

Gossip Girl

What it’s about: Rich kids from abounding families get into all kinds of rich-kid shenanigans.

Where it takes place: Upper East Side

Most New York moment: Rich kids plainly fume pot, protest about a tough palm they’ve been dealt, in Central Park.

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