The Best Jeans to Wear with a Blazer or Sport Coat

April 17, 2016 - fall Denim

Because we overwhelmed on a coupler progressing this month let’s concentration a courtesy currently on a right jeans to wear with tailoring. For a many partial they tumble into 3 camps: uniform dim blue, ultra-black, and sapphire with a vaguest selvedge-inspired sheen. In all 3 cases a jeans should be cut slim and straight. Too parsimonious and you’ll demeanour like your usually pursuit is post cinema on your conform blog, too relaxed and you’ll demeanour like George Clooney during a Casamigos mixer. (In this really specific case, that’s indeed not a compliment.) Distressing, rips, patches, and tears are all to be avoided when you’re wearing a good jacket, and non-standard colors like olive and beige are to be approached with impassioned caution. Finally, watch a break. If your jeans are any longer than Jason Stratham’s A.P.C. jeans above, it’s time to conduct to a tailor.

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