The Dangers of Skinny Jeans For Women: Tight Denim Creates Serious Leg …

June 25, 2015 - fall Denim

The observant goes, “beauty is pain,” though women humour only as most for conform too.

Skinny jean lovers listen up! There are genuine dangers in a span of these super narrow, skin-tight denim “essentials.” Skinny jeans are a tack in most each woman’s wardrobe, though these conform must-haves recently put one lady in a hospital.

CNN reports a 35-year-old lady spent a day assisting a family member move. The woman’s day was filled with tortuous and squatting as she helped pack, all while wearing a span of her spare jeans. It seemed like an trusting day, until it was time for a lady to conduct home.

Skinny Jeans

The woman’s legs and feet became dull while walking, causing her to outing and fall. Completely immobilized, she was finally found hours after and rushed to a hospital.

You’re substantially in dishonesty that a span of spare jeans could have caused this, though they were a culprit! “We censure what happened on a multiple of enlarged squatting for hours and a parsimonious jeans she was wearing,” explained Dr. Thomas Kimber to CNN. Turns out a lot of squatting in spare jeans can potentially lead to haughtiness damage.

Skinny Jeans

Doctors news that a woman’s jeans had to be cut off of her calves due to how badly distended they had become! Dr. Kimber explained that, “Normally muscles can enhance to recompense for swelling, though there was a tourniquet effect, so a muscles had to enhance inwards and dense blood vessels and nerves.” The studious couldn’t travel for 4 days!

Skinny Jeans

The medical investigate that sum a woman’s symptoms also indicated she couldn’t pierce her ankles or toes properly. “If she hadn’t been means to come to a hospital, a application could have left on longer and caused residual haughtiness damage,” Kimber continued.

Thankfully after 4 days in a hospital, a lady was means to travel again and was released. Would this story make we consider twice about rocking your spare jeans? Tell us with a note below!

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