The Patriots Are Football’s Best Dandies

January 30, 2015 - fall Denim

The New England Patriots have been called many things — champions, competitors, cheaters. But blank in this week’s speak of Super Bowl rings, deflated balls, Revis Island, season-long NFL scandals, and a Gronk spike is something that, when it comes to success off a field, might be usually as important: These organisation can dress.

If you’ve ever tuned in to a post-game press discussion during a unchanging football deteriorate (guilty as charged), you’ve seen a march of organisation — many of them millionaire men, with a fast of press handlers and picture consultants — station in front of a lectern wearing, during best, ill-fitting, infrequently glossy button-downs; during worst, oversize logo’d T-shirts that might or might not have been cleared given a prior week’s game. I’ve seen unironic Elmer Fudd hats. I’ve seen camo jackets — as in, a form you’d indeed wear hunting. I’ve seen bolo ties. Even among higher-visibility quarterbacks, off-the-field looks tumble somewhere between forgettable and groan-worthy; Aaron Rodgers, deliberate to have one of a best arms in a league, favors Men’s Wearhouse–esque suits when he hits red-carpet events with his stream girlfriend, Olivia Munn (who could simply lend him her stylist).

And then, like a New England beacon slicing by a darkness, there are a Pats.

What started with usually Tom Brady — Mr. Gisele Bündchen, Met Gala regular, VMan magazine cover star, Ugg indication — has morphed into a bone-fide organisation of menswear mavens. Just as a quarterback is a de facto personality on a field, Brady has led his teammates into a universe of slot squares, engineer denim, conform sneakers, and matter sweaters.

They are a Football Dandies, a tiny though flourishing organisation within a team who have traded polyester jerseys for selvedge denim, substituted helmet-hair for a hipster high-and-tight cut, apparatus bags for a leather backpack. They’re usually as expected to make an coming during a Rag Bone celebration (as Pats far-reaching receiver and Brady’s game-day go-to aim Julian Edelman has) as they are to be voted to a Pro Bowl.

And while a organisation keeps on winning on a margin — Brady, who has spent his whole career personification for a Pats, has a all-time top winning commission of any QB in a Super Bowl epoch — off of it, they’re rewriting the coded assumptions of masculinity that go hand-in-hand with a many American of sports. In a joining where a usually plainly happy actor was deemed a “distraction” by sports analysts, this is a large deal. 

Take Darrelle Revis: The Patriot cornerback has certified to owning 3,000 pairs of shoes, and fills his Instagram feed with delicately organised shoe selfies. His “business trip” (that’s football-speak for an divided game, and yes, Pats players post photos of their outfits regulating a hashtag #businesstrip) clothes mostly includes square-bottom ties and cropped-just-right pants that could get him sponsored by Thom Browne. Post-game, on a other hand, he’s been speckled in drop-crotch pants that are some-more Undercover than Under Armour.

The list goes on: Wide receiver Danny Amendola, another one of Brady’s on-field targets, favors A.P.C.-esque striped sweaters and Danner-inspired hiking boots en track to a locker room. Rob Ninkovich, a team’s defensive end, is a lumbersexual print child with an impeccably neat brave and slim-cut (well, as slim as they get on a rugged 260-pounder) plaid button-downs. Tight finish Tim Wright is a master of a jacket-tie-pocket-square trifecta. “It really seems like there’s some arrange of unaccepted off-duty uniform with a Patriots,” Steff Yotka, selling editor during and lifelong Green Bay Packers fan, tells me.

This is hardly a initial time we’ve seen athletes make conform plays; from tennis to basketball to hockey, a tie between players and a conform universe can be a tighten one. There are other particular football players (both past and present) with standout wardrobe choices — take, for example, Joe Namath and his sideline furs, or Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, who showed adult to a recent press discussion in capris and velvet slippers. But mostly these guys are attempting it solo. With a Patriots, sauce like winners off a margin is most a organisation effort.

That all could be changing. “I consider there is [an expansion opposite a NFL], and Tom Brady’s obliged for pulling that,” says sports author Tim Ryan, who launched a weekly mainstay on Medium featuring a best and misfortune of quarterback-press-conference style this past season. His reasoning? In a universe where everybody is a brand, there’s no reason because pro athletes can’t get in on a act. “If you’re a attractive man you’re thinking, ‘If I’m spiffy during a podium, maybe I’ll get a call from Ugg or another association to enhance my brand,’” Ryan explains. After all, Nike can usually unite so many athletes.

Whatever happens to a New England Patriots this Sunday, a Football Dandy looks like he’s here to stay. And during a really least, there promises to be a really attractive post–Super Bowl press discussion with a Patriots. Tell your beloved to take notes.


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