The Perfect Cheap Black Skinny Jeans

January 3, 2017 - fall Denim

High-waisted, super black, skinny-fit jeans have been my go-to for about a decade. I’ve done a rounds by J Brand, American Apparel, and Rag Bone, with Cheap Monday as a common refrain (mostly since they are a cheapest during around $75 per pair).

This past summer, we branched out: I’ve been wearing a span of cropped denim culottes to genocide alongside a integrate pairs of relaxed selected jeans, and we couldn’t be happier with them.

But all concede for approach too many airflow now that temperatures are consistently dipping next 40 degrees. And suddenly, it’s like we have no pants. we don’t know what happened, yet nothing of my former go-tos fit a same approach — a Rag Bones are somehow too saggy during a waist and too parsimonious during a ankles, a American Apparel prohibited pants are approach past their prime, and a Cheap Mondays are a small too cropped for all my ankle boots (whoops, my fault, we got them tailored during a dry cleaner).

Rather than settle for feeling super “meh” about what I’m wearing many days, I’ve been in a marketplace for a new span of ideal high-waisted super black spare jeans. Preferably for underneath $75.

a lady in black spare jeans and heels

Photos: Just Black

Thank God we remembered Just Black. I’ve been listening to a owners of one of my favorite selected stores (Known to Man, or before Dolly G’s for any locals), Giselle Carrera, sell this LA-based denim code to other business for years. “They’re a small bit thicker than normal spare jeans, and super high-rise,” I’ve listened her tell substantially 7 or 8 apart business of varying shapes and sizes, and afterwards watched them all tumble in adore with a code in a sauce room. “And they reason their shape. They’re a usually thing we wear.”

At any rate, Carrera loves them adequate that a jeans are a usually new object carried by a store, unless we count valuables or tarot cards.

While I’ve eyed them each time we go in, I’ve never attempted a jeans on before final week, we theory since we was never in a market. And theory what? They fit usually like she pronounced they would (though we suggest sizing down).

But a best partial by distant is a price: $68 for a span of flattering, wear-with-everything jeans — that’s even cheaper than my Cheap Mondays! Pretty damn good deal, if we ask me. I’ve really found my new go-to.

Though a name is Just Black, a code creates a ton of other colors and styles, too. It usually operates as a wholesaler (and Dolly’s doesn’t sell online, unfortunately), yet if you’re extraordinary about a brand’s other styles, Shoptiques has we flattering good covered.

Shop It Here Just Black Skinny Jeans, $68

a tighten adult of loose-fitting denim jeans

a closeup of unsettled jeans

a lady in flog light cropped jeans

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