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July 28, 2015 - fall Denim

The Real Housewives of New York City
“Awfully Charitable”
July 21, 2015


“ME ME ME ME ME”  –Ramona Singer in this scene. (bravotv.com)

After 4 episodes of women sorrow during one another about: drinking, eggs, walking into restaurants, a F-word, salad and bizarre exposed men, we get a breather of an partial in no one unequivocally gets dissapoint about anything, not really. And we am SO BORED, Y’ALL. If we ever complain about a vacation episodes again, we wish one of we to write “gnocchi cooking party” in a comments and close me up.

Anyway. This coma-inducing episode:

Bethenny’s new unit is entrance along. This is a lot reduction engaging than possibly Bethenny or The Producers seem to consider it is. Look! Shelves! Look! Boxes! Look! More shelves!

Princess Carole comes over to admire a shelves and once again surprise Bethenny on all of a dramaz that exploded a impulse she left Kristen’s bedazzling “party.” Her Highness describes The Countess as carrying “made a dope of herself” by opposed Heather and Sereneness for attack into her room. Bethenny is like, well, we mean, on a one hand, y’all did detonate into her room, nonetheless on a other, we can’t usually be withdrawal your bizarre exposed group unattended in a common house, so. Whatever, y’all are both awful.

Next, it’s time for Kristen’s “Denim and Diamonds” or “Any Given Night during Brasserie 19″ celebration for impecunious children who can’t means to sinecure a mentor to assistance them get into Horace Mann preschool. Or split palates. Whichever. And so everybody puts on whatever “denim” they can scrounge up, solely for The Countess and Dorinda whom we am 99.9999% certain have, outward a bedazzling party, never overwhelmed denim in their lives.

Heather takes Dorinda aside to plead their flare-up during a bedazzling to-do, and Dorinda apologizes, observant something AGAIN about how they’re “pure” when they are adult in a Berkshires, nonetheless that they get too held adult in a sound here. And afterwards something about chaos? And crayons? Chaos crayons? Anyway, a indicate is, Dorinda is contemptible for lashing out during Heather, and Heather is all, “I shall accept your apology,” that usually irritates Dorinda some-more and we can’t accurately censure her.

So for this eventuality Heather donated a bunch of her new Yummie Tummie jeans to be auctioned off, and not just the jeans that we watched a women “enhance” with a garland of crap that will tumble off in a initial wash. And from what we can see, Heather donated so many pairs of jeans! All of a jeans! A whole disaster of jeans! Hence a “denim” partial of a eventuality name, “Denim and Diamonds.” And in return, Yummie Tummie’s name is all over a place; which, we know, is how these things work.


However, Ramona becomes all bunched adult since even nonetheless she donated FOUR True Faith necklaces as adornments to a integrate pairs of jeans that are being auctioned off, her association is never given any arrange of credit during a event. And so, moments after declaring that she is not going to let this worry her, it’s usually a pointer of “insecurity” on someone’s partial (unclear who’s, however: Heather’s? Kristen’s?), Ramona wheels on Heather and final to know how much, exactly, a span of Yummie Tummie jeans sell for, since CLEARLY they can’t be value as many as her $80 necklaces, come on. And yet, all she sees is “YUMMIE TUMMIE” and “SMILE TRAIN” created all over all with nary a discuss of her True Faith brand. THAT IS A SLAP AGAINST SISTERHOOD AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP. But Heather can not even be worried with this, and literally tells Ramona to take a walk.

bye felicia friday

Heather indeed says this, since she is flattering certain she is Ice Cube.

And with that we are finished with Kristen’s fundraiser for Ladies Who Don’t Own a Birkin. Or kids with split palates. Whichever.

Apparently Princess Poland and Dorinda are going to go toLondon to collect Prince Poland’s remains that have been kicked out of a church to make room for townhouses or a strip mall or something. But before a widows conduct out on what should be a waggish outing opposite a Atlantic, Her Sereness decides that they, along with Heather, should try opposite a East River to have their coffee drift review by some Turkish lady.

And so a ladies go into scariest Queens where they force down some brownish-red sludge, and afterwards spin their cups around a few times before handing them over to Some Turkish Lady. Some Turkish Lady reads Princess Carole’s crater first, divulgence that she sees a “priest” and “someone entrance behind from a past” and “a husband” who “has upheld away” and “a black Jeep with a blemish on a side.” Princess Carole, who is about to go to a church to collect her passed husband’s ashes, is many dismayed by a Jeep comment, because, as she explains, her initial quarrel with a Prince of Poland was over a fact that she scratched his black Jeep, a fact that she had never told anyone else. So that’s weird!

Then Heather has her sludge read, and Some Turkish Lady says “operation” and “child” and “don’t worry, it will be fine.” Heather starts great since apparently they still aren’t out of a woods with Jax yet, and a subsequent step is to work on his eardrums, which is a many some-more difficult and unsure procession than he has had so far. So that’s weird!

And afterwards Dorinda offers adult her coffee drippings, and Some Turkish Lady claims she sees “J” and “divided in 3 people” and “their problem, not yours” and “balloon ride.” So apparently a initial tools are about Fudgie a Whale and Her Awful Daughter, nonetheless a balloon business is what gets Dorinda all worked up. Dorinda explains that after her father Richard died, they had a garland of balloons in a apartment. For some reason. In any event, one of a balloons floated into her bedroom and usually hovered there, and she was assured that it was Richard observant goodbye. So that’s weird!

Meanwhile, Bethenny goes to therapy. It’s extremely reduction weird.

I'm so bored

Sometime later, Her Serene Highness Radziwill hosts her initial cooking celebration with boyfriend/kitchen slave, The Count of Tapenade. First, they buy all their mixture during Dean Deluca that is a absurd place to buy all your mixture unless we wish to spend accurately all of your monies on H2O crackers.

Then Heather and that father of hers and Kristen come over for cooking and eat gnocchi. That’s literally all that happens.

I'm so bored

Then a subsequent day, Dorinda and Princess Carole go to a airfield for their outing to London and splash Bloody Marys and speak about their passed husbands and Diane Sawyer and John John Kennedy and we wish to caring nonetheless we don’t. we usually don’t!

I'm so bored

Can we go behind to a Turks and Caicos and quarrel about salad now? Please?

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- Season:7 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sonja Morgan, Luann De Lesseps, Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer, Dorinda Medley, Kristen Taekman, Heather Thomson -- (Photo by: Mathieu Young/Bravo)

All play, no work creates me a happy girl. -- Her Serene Highness Princess Carole Radziwill

My yacht might have sailed nonetheless my boat is entrance in. -- Sonja Morgan

I know I'm a square of work, nonetheless now I'm a work in process. -- Ramona Singer

One should know, never count out a Countess. -- The Countess

Pretty is smarter than we think. -- Kristen Taekman

I give uptown a whole new attitude. --Dorinda Medley

I'm stronger than anything in my way. Holla. -- Heather Thomson

I am not a housewife nonetheless we am real. -- Bethenny Frankel

The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Tuesdays during 8 p.m. on Bravo.

Therese is also examination The Bachelorette, America’s Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance because she’s a pig for punishment.

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