The arise and tumble of Mugabe’s Instagram playboys

November 23, 2017 - fall Denim

Just imagine: one day, you’re a standard dictator’s son, with a imagination cars, VIP entrance and high-end champagne to infer it. The subsequent day, daddy is story – so what does that meant for you?

This is a difficulty in that former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s dual sons now find themselves.
Not that they are not removing most in a approach of sympathy.

Robert Jr and Bellarmine suffer infamously lavish, lush lives. While vital in Johannesburg, they stayed in a R70 000-a-month Sandton unit and could simply dump R20 000 in a singular night on a town. “Their aides don’t even wish bouncers to ask for ID when they get to a door. They say: ‘Don’t they know who a family is?’” a bouncer during one tip Johannesburg bar told a Mail Guardian.

That family name competence not open so many doors any more.

The Mugabe boys’ Instagram feeds are a relentless march of costly clothes, collectable trainers and overpriced nightclubs. Despite entrance from one of a world’s lowest countries, they were never fearful to flourish their wealth.

In a arise of Mugabe’s thespian resignation, those same Instagram feeds now offer a glance into how his sons’ lives are unexpected changing.

The selfies have stopped, as have a celebration live streams. Instead, on 15 Nov – as army tanks surrounded President Mugabe’s chateau in Harare – both boys posted a brief BBC shave of a Mugabe talk from a early 1980s. In it, Mugabe says: “I’m not going to have anybody disciple a overpower of a nation and remaining in a country. He’s not one of us if he does that.”

Needless to say, this tiny act of amicable media rebuttal did zero to hindrance their father’s tumble from grace. Since then, usually Robert Jr has posted again: a Bible verse; and, on a day that Mugabe finally resigned, a word “MUGABE” created in red content on a white background.

Prior to Mugabe’s departure, comments on a boys’ Instagram posts were overwhelmingly flattering, adjacent on sycophantic. The accounts are private, so usually hand-picked supporters are means to comment. A standard selection, from a print of Bellarmine in a engineer denim jacket: “U dope”, “Gucci on point”, “Looking super dope!!”, “platinum status”.

The tinge has altered dramatically over a past few days. Emboldened by a scattered domestic changes, commenters are publicly venting their frustrations during Robert Jr and Bellarmine’s excesses – and indulging in some-more than a small schadenfreude. It did not take prolonged for a boys’ amicable media “friends” to spin on them. There are some-more than 1 600 comments, overwhelmingly negative, on Robert Jr’s “MUGABE” post.

“Robert [and] Chatunga…did u ever travel a streets to unequivocally see what was going [on] in “your” country? apa you’re a same folks who were always observant “zim is wack” not realising a dumb since of we [sic],” wrote @joncloud_1.

“I know station with your father we meant we are allegedly his son…however we all hatred him and his mother afterwards we guys have been zero though forward greedy who if in all that income and payoff could not make anything of yourselves we don’t see any wish for we in any future,” pronounced @chiweda

Meanwhile, @_g_o_a_t.23 offering some useful advice: “I feel u male frm being unusual to only being typical now whre y’alls gonna get a income to spend n rubbish on invalid stuff…U thoguht this was going to final y’alls should have started saving approach before [sic].”

Via a private message, a Mail Guardian reached out to both Mugabe boys for comment. They did not respond. On Instagram, however, Robert Jr did offer one final update. In Shona, he said: “Iyi yabva ya disconnectwa”.

Translation: “This one only got disconnected”. One suspects that he’s articulate about some-more than only amicable media.

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