The Voice recap: ‘Live Finale, Part 2’

December 14, 2016 - fall Denim

Are we stunned?!

Three hours and some billion cameo performances later, we finally have a leader for The Voice’s 11th season. Did your collect make it into a winner’s round or tumble only short? Before we get to deliberating a bombshell results, let’s examination some of a resplendence and business (*cough* filler *cough*) that lead adult to a large leader reveal, shall we?

First there, were a melodramatic cutaways…

Adam Levine’s Day Off — Props for whoever finished room in a prolongation bill to get an tangible cameo from Ben Stein for this Ferris Bueller’s Day Off riff, featuring Adam Levine perplexing to get divided for a day and Blake Shelton personification Principal Buzzkill (and removing dreaming by a small discuss of “Gwen” because, we know, they had to trip a blink to a deteriorate 12 manager in there somewhere).

Miley’s closet — The using fun about Blake Shelton’s mania with denim has been played out for years, though with Miley Cyrus’ dumb habit in a brew for this season, there was unequivocally some room to dally with some new digs. And it’s all value it to see Blake try out halters and satin capes and bedazzled headbands and such.

Dolly Parton, godmother/translator — Another unchanging wisecrack (or miss thereof) for this deteriorate has been Miley’s loquaciousness. Girl can go a mile a notation — props to a producers for modifying her explanation down to distance for a audience’s consequence — so Blake apparently had fun job in an heard for assistance bargain her. Who else though Dolly Parton, a down-home dame.

Alicia’s piano school — The star student of Alicia Keys’ propagandize of, well, keys is Blake Shelton, whose present ascent to conductor standing is fraudulent to a indicate of ridiculousness. But deliberation how he’s been a MVP of these shorts, maybe there’s a destiny for him in behaving yet.

Then there were a celeb performances and duets…

Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande achieved their familiar Sing soundtrack duet “Faith” with a help* of a Top 4 (*except they unequivocally didn’t have many to do and only kind of convinced around like good props).

Wé McDonald teamed with John Legend for a utterance (on her part, during least) delivery of his singular “Love Me Now,” and did that thing where she stranded on that one worried note dual seconds too prolonged again and finished it…just okay. Per usual.

Sting rocked a residence with his song, “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You,” and we don’t caring if it’s accurately a same thing he’s finished for decades since he’s LIT.

Josh Gallagher took a theatre with Cam to sing her breakthrough singular “Burning House,” and maybe he needs to sing womanlike vocals some-more mostly since it wasn’t too unfair during all — maybe his many exposed showcase yet.

The Weeknd’s “Starboy” opening was accurately as glow as his new hairdo.

Kiss popping off with Sundance Head in a core was uncanny and also kind of pleasant as they doubled down with “Detroit Rock City” and “Rock and Roll All Nite.” (Of course, Miley Cyrus got to live adult to her repute as a mini-Gene Simmons by beating a damaged guitar — how could she resist?!).

Billy Gilman got a little ambience of what that desired W competence feel like when he common a theatre with American Idol season 1 leader Kelly Clarkson, whose career is no doubt a enviousness of each competitor to ever beauty one of these stages. They both kind of sounded like confused kittens who wouldn’t brave to meow too shrill for fear of waking a dog.

And final though positively not least, Bruno Mars sealed it out with a sharp-witted opening of his “24K Magic” that finished equal use of a ’90s neon trend and The Voice’s signature theatre offerings, including a red chair all his own. (Anyone else kinda like a demeanour of that? As in, Voice manager recruiters take note…). 

NEXT: We have a winner…

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