The Weeknd’s Puma Shoe Collab May Be a Coolest Sneaker You’ll Wear This Fall

August 7, 2017 - fall Denim

I have, but a doubt, attempted to dress like The Weeknd. I’ve purchased his Legend of a Fall 2017 universe debate merch. I’ve memorized scarcely each verse off Starboy. And I’ve totally attempted to make a spare black jeans with oversize denim coupler happen. Plain and simple: we consider he’s cool.

If we’re on a same page, afterwards a 27-year-old hitmaker’s new partnership with Puma is a new launch you’ll wish to symbol your calendars for. We initial saw a glance of a musician’s work with a sportswear code final November, with a launch of a “Run a Streets” campaign. But on Aug. 25, a singer-turned-designer’s “Parallel” high-top boots for Puma will strike retailers like Kith, The Webster, and Barneys for $220.

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Derek Wood for Footwear News

“I feel like a Puma shoe is a partial of a Starboy world. It’s a shoe Starboy would wear. We indeed suggested we were initial operative with Puma in a Starboy video. We’re already elaborating in a subsequent proviso of a collaboration, so I’m gonna keep that a secret,” he tells Footwear News in a latest cover story. “Usually when we reinvent myself, we like to get absolved of all in my closet and reinstate it with how I’m feeling during that manuscript phase. It never changes drastically, though; rather only really somewhat over time.”

Derek Wood for Footwear News

In further to a shoes, his line will also underline T-shirts, pants, and denim jackets this fall, yet a initial pull is a new “Parallel” shoe accessible in white and olive.

As for who he’d like to see in a kicks, it’s a no-brainer. “To be honest, we only wish to see everybody wearing it. we wish it to be partial of cocktail culture. we wish to travel down a travel and see kids wearing it and women wearing it. we wish to see a Pope wearing it. we wish to see [Barack Obama] wearing it. we wish to see Elon Musk wearing it.”

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Derek Wood for Footwear News

But a large doubt is: Will we see partner Selena Gomez in them?

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