These Butt Zipper Jeans From Vetements x Levis Are The Latest Bizarre Take On Denim

April 13, 2017 - fall Denim

Denim is rarely smart ATM, so it’s no consternation there are tons of quirky designs entrance out. Every code is perplexing to get in on a action, and some are surpassing a trend into new and complicated directions, while others might be holding jeans to places you’d never wish them to go. The Vetements X Levi’s Bare Butt Jeans are a latest pants to get churned reviews online, and we can see because — they certain are different.

High-fashion tag Vetements posted photos of denim styles they’ve combined with a classical code Levi’s, and a pairs showcase zippers used as pattern details rather than quite for function. For instance, there are zippers using down a breathe legs. Cool. But then, there’s also a zipper right down a core join on a behind of a jeans. So, when it’s unzipped, you’re showing off your unclothed boundary cheeks. Perhaps not as cool, though we see what they were going for.

People online have a lot to contend about these pants, though this pair, in particular, is really not as railed opposite as a Clear Panel Mom Jeans from Topshop. The reviews seem to indeed be flattering mixed. You possibly adore this thought or we hatred it. So, will we be rocking this engaging conform item? Take a demeanour during them for yourself, and you’ll know where we tumble in a good denim discuss instantly.  


These pants aren’t a usually span to do this. Shorts from a operation have this zipper feature, too.

Some folks online consider Vetements is trolling a denim trend.

Denim or diapers? You decide.

Some thing this character begs a question, “But, why?”

Meanwhile, some folks are totally amatory what Vetements X Levi’s have created.

Others only aren’t feeling it.

Love it or hatred it, ready to see pieces like this make their approach to quick conform retailers.


High-Rise Distressed Jeans, $1,870,

These bottoms are now sold out during Nordstrom, though we can still find them online from and online during KM20, if you’re interested.

Courtesy KM20

Vetements X Levi’s High-Rise Distressed Jeans, $1,707, KM20

The pants also come in a black version, though in box we hadn’t noticed, these will cost we roughly $2,000 to own.

Is these jeans value it? You tell me. we theory it all depends on how smart we caring to be.

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