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March 13, 2015 - fall Denim

Recently we met and worked with 3 generations of women: Grandma, mom and 3 daughters. We met during a upscale boutique Grapevine in Lake Oswego. I dress women of all ages any day, though a event to dress a family of women in one morning was artistic and unique.

In further to a distinguished beauty and considerable personal and veteran achievements, any of these women had clearly opposite personal styles. Each had a plain bargain of what they favourite and many really what they didn’t — cornerstones for meaningful your chairman style.


Marjorie Nason, a 91-year-old inspirational matriarch, lives on her possess and still mows her possess lawn! A late journalist, Marjorie’s categorical character need is comfort, generally around a waistline. So we put her in mid-rise leggings from 3Dot, interconnected with a Splendid sweater with contouring seaming during a waist to agree her midsection.

At her age, Marjorie isn’t trotting around in heels though that doesn’t meant she has to scapegoat style. We found bronze colored Joseph Siebel Caspian sneakers subsequent doorway during Soletta, that will fit her need for comfort and will go with all given bronze is a neutral. We finished Marjorie’s demeanour with a pleasing gem necklace formally named ‘Old Soul.’ It’s a good sign that character has no age limit.


At 61, Kerry Lau has a fanciful figure and classical style. She loves her denim and wanted to try a beloved demeanour so we put her in a loose spare jean from 7 for All Mankind with a Rail plaid shirt she’s been coveting. Pairing sandals with a plaid shirt and jeans is a good approach to transition from winter to spring. we showed Kerry how to tuck her shirt front behind a symbol of her jeans to emanate a slouchy tuck — a good approach to lengthen a leg while not carrying to entirely tuck in your shirt.

We total a sequence couple Jenny Bird necklace and bracelet for some edginess while progressing her classical style. Kerry remarkable that changing adult her valuables only a bit done a vital impact.

Oldest daughter

Don’t try to put a tinge on Jordan Lau, a 35-year-old special preparation teacher. This lady loves her denim and edging and all things neutral.

But when we saw her insanely pleasing immature eyes, we had to try to remonstrate her to span an Army immature Sanctuary vest with her Dylan by Tru Grit blouse and 7 for All Mankind bootcut denim jeans.

Army immature can play as a pseudo neutral — definition it acts as a neutral given it’s an Earth tone.

Middle daughter

There is no approach this center child is going to get mislaid in a shuffle. Megan Pozos is as splendid and glossy as a colors she loves to wear.

The 33-year-old is holding time off from her career in selling to spend time with her eight-month-old baby. Since her stomach and hips are still a concern, we comparison a bloused Joie floral V-neck tip to agree her hourglass curves while camouflaging any signs that she only had a baby.

I enjoyed Megan’s adore for splendid colors since it represented her delicate and effusive personality. Instead of pairing a blouse with a standard blue denim, we went with a dim gray instead.

Gray was a trend this tumble and winter that is transitioning to open creation it a good neutral — it on trend and will never go out of style.

Youngest daughter

At 25, Madeline Marin-Foucher would be tough to systematise as a baby of a family. With an aged essence like her grandma’s, Madeline is a lead stylist during Grapevine, so we had a blast collaborating on her look.

Of course, a younger we are a some-more adventurous we can be with a latest trends. Black overalls by Paige were a ideal collect for her, though don’t be mistaken, her mom could have rocked this demeanour as well.

The dim tinge total a prolonged undeviating visible line, while a Equipment blouse and Joie chambray blazer we total with them, pulled together a ideally layered look.

Sara Dahlquist is a internal personal character coach. Read some-more tips and recommendation on her website

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