Time to embankment a denim? Survey says to stop wearing jeans by age 53

January 27, 2018 - fall Denim

Time to embankment a denim? Survey says to stop wearing jeans by age 53elkojote/SXC

Back-to-school selling customarily involves a span of jeans or two, and retailers know that. Most travel jean prices in a tumble before obscure them closer to winter time.

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A new consult found some adults might be removing too aged for jeans.

Jeans are a tack in many of a wardrobes, though a argumentative investigate says we should give them adult when we strech a specific age.

CollectPlus put together a consult that said by 53 years old, people should stop donning their denim.

The reason? The investigate pronounced a highlight people knowledge while jean selling is heated by age 53, with 6 percent apropos so dissapoint they detonate into tears.

Finding a ideal span of jeans is tough and research showed women spend twice as prolonged as group acid for a right fit – a sum of 8 prolonged days. 

But once we find a favorite blues, it’s even harder to give them up.

40 percent of adults certified to gripping a span of parsimonious jeans in hopes of squeezing into them again one day.

But with new trends like double jeans, mud-stained jeans and see-through knee jeans, maybe it wouldn’t be a misfortune thing to retire some of them.

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