Tomas Maier

December 2, 2017 - fall Denim

The phrases “time off” and “escape” seem on a span of sweaters in Tomas Maier’s Pre-Fall lineup. “Escape is kind of a motto,” Maier pronounced during a salon appointment yesterday. “If we can’t get away, we should have garments that give we that feeling.” Maier creates a trait of palliate during this light job—he’s also a artistic executive of Bottega Veneta where oppulance and attire are a hallmarks. Here, no-brainer string poplin shirts, cashmere a dozen ways, newness tracksuits, and dark-rinse denim are a specialties. It’s bland wear, yet it’s well-considered.

Consider, for example, Maier’s windbreaker, that is entirely reversible, and a maillot ragged underneath it, that is hammered on a little life-preserver imitation with an even tinier palm tree, a label’s insignia, and Maier’s name. Logos, a year’s biggest trend, have no place during a intentionally unflashy TM. This season’s easy poplin dresses come with pointed sum of their own: extended collar bands that bind to buttons that extend their length, formulating a accumulation of looks. The denim was further tractable around nylon filigree straps—wear it relaxed or cinched.

Going forward, Maier will benefaction this line usually during a preseasons, a pierce designed to promote business for buyers. Halfway by a lookbook, things take a spin for a some-more autumnal, yet he recorded a chilled-out sensibility. Highlights embody a hairy mohair crewneck and a corpulent Nordic cardigan, and outerwear done from feign leather. He opted for a element not as a cost-saving measure, yet reasonable prices are one of this collection’s offered points, yet since he favourite a reduction movable than genuine leather demeanour and feel. Maier is utterly particular, that is another one of this collection’s offered points.

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