Torrid’s New Denim Campaign Slays It On The Diversity Front …

August 3, 2016 - fall Denim


Image: Torrid

11 women, trimming in sizes 10 – 30, opposite races and ethnicities, all in one room, in one campaign. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, that dream has turn a existence pleasantness of Torrid.

The and distance conform retailer launched their denim debate on Monday (7/25) and they took an event to use their denim debate to not usually foster a new line though SHOW distance and tone farrago during a time when it is so needed.

It’s a intelligent pierce on Torrid’s partial during a time where brands are perplexing to emanate campaigns that not usually marketplace their collections though uncover business a operation of bodies and faces.

The opposite organisation of 11 women are comprised of an heterogeneous brew of celebrities, fashion bloggers, Torrid business and employees, all selected for a debate since of their singular and absolute proceed to plus-size style. Each lady in a debate shows off one of Torrid’s 11 ideal denim fits.

Notable participants include:


Left: Georgina Burke / Middle: Actress Adrienne C. Moore / Right: Philomena Kwao

Adrienne Moore Torrid image1

Actress Adrienne C. Moore

According to a central press release:

“The Fall 2016 denim debate reinforces Torrid’s loyalty to creation a best wise plus-size denim, designed for women sizes 10 to 30 and will be featured in Torrid stores nationwide, and code amicable channels and YouTube.”

Torrid_FallDenim_PR_011 Lyanna Lynette

Lyanna Lynette, Winner of a 2015 Torrid Model Search

Liz Munoz, SVP of Design for Torrid states:

“The blue jean attention insists on wise jeans on fit models whose shapes don’t paint what American women unequivocally demeanour like. Everything we do during Torrid is finished with a patron in mind; it’s always about her. We fit on a fit models and cranky check on mixed girls of varying sizes, and afterwards tweak a cut until we know they unequivocally fit everyone. Lucky for me, for a initial time in my career we get to indeed wear a extraordinary jeans we design.”

We adore that Torrid chose conform bloggers Anna O’ Brien, Simone Mariposa, Allison Teng and Loey Lane. Anna of Glitter and Lazers is a personal fave of ours and Simone Mariposa has been a unchanging on a Instagram page.

Allison Teng and Loey Lane are doing such extraordinary things in a physique certain world. It’s smashing to see bloggers above a distance 24 used in a vital denim debate and to see farrago on a whole represented.

Simone Anna vehement image1

Left: Simone Mariposa / Right: Anna O’ Brien

Videos of any of a women featured in a debate will be posted on Torrid amicable media and YouTube channels, featuring personal accounts of how Torrid’s denim has empowered any of them by charity a widest preference of sexy, stylish and exquisitely wise jeans.

Kate Horton, SVP General Merchandise Manager for Torrid said:

“Nobody’s jeans fit improved than ours and this debate unequivocally proves it: eleven Torrid jeans showcased on eleven implausible women of all opposite shapes and sizes. These women demeanour drop-dead gorgeous. We couldn’t be happier with a results.”

Actress Adrienne C. Moore spoke of her certain knowledge sharpened a campaign:

“I desired it! Meeting all these ladies following their dreams and passions, it was unequivocally lenient to hear all their opposite stories. From a conform standpoint, it looked amazing. It was so engaging to see a array of denim and styles, accentuating everyone’s pleasing curves. We had a blast.”

Here’s some some-more images from a campaign:




Torrid_FallDenim_PR_012 Georgina Burke

Torrid_FallDenim_PR_014 Allison Teng

Torrid_FallDenim_PR_015 Philomena Kwao

Torrid_FallDenim_PR_016 Kaitlin Moorhead

Torrid_FallDenim_PR_017 Loey Lane

Torrid_FallDenim_PR_019 Trina Ormen

Torrid_FallDenim_PR_020 Micayla De Ette

If we are a Torrid denim lover, we can join in on a debate by posting an picture of we in your favorite Torrid jeans on Instagram with a hashtag #INMYJEANS and make certain to tab Torrid as good — @torridfashion.

Click here to emporium denim during Torrid.

Images pleasantness of Torrid.

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