Trends that ruled 2014

December 27, 2014 - fall Denim

Fashion that was desired and loathed .A summation of a hottest trends in a year that was...

Going Grunge

Grunge done good conform news in a year 2014. “Women who elite not to competition a manequinned look, succumbed to a grunge charm. Abstract layering with a spirit of casualness, opting for impassioned incompatible style, and focussing on churned patterns, striking T-shirts. Of course, going over-sized in a large approach tangible a grunge demeanour in a overwhelming way,” mentions engineer Shantanu Goenka. It was all fun and character indeed!

Suede Chic

A common gusto for suede was clear on a runways in F/W 2014. “Suede is all about sophistication. It feels good opposite a physique and can be used for some-more than boots and jackets. Ideally it works best for separates like waistcoats, ditch coats, over-shirts though this time, suede dusk dresses and skirts with fringed hemlines grabbed attention,” says engineer Swapnil Shinde

Denim Deluxe

The year will be best remembered for denim going a excellent way. Shedding a imperishable identity, jeans basked in newfound elegance, as engineer Gavin Miguel puts it, “Well-fitted denim dresses glamourised with embellishments was an essential partial of a story. Detailings in a form of lead bondage and zips, strategically placed buttons, crystals, studs and peplum sitting flattering on a waistline were pivotal in changing a standing of denim.”

Mesh-Ed Up!

Fabric wise, it was a year of a ‘meshy affair’. Counting on a hardly there filigree fabric’s sexy appeal, engineer Abhishek Dutta says, “The ideal filigree story came in a form of a prolonged true dress, with a middle fabric kept short. It worked wonders as separates, generally as a 1980s desirous filigree tip teamed with slight propitious trousers. Strategically placed filigree panels clicked large time as well.”

Print Story

Things got a small outlandish during a imitation bureau as designers displayed a charming and individualist dash of creativity. Just when we suspicion 2013 saw prints holding an radical turn, this year was in for a bigger surprise. Facepalm, list fans, using H2O taps, horn and turn rimmed glasses, double decker buses, hot-air balloons. striking roses, skulls, illustrated birds, stars, cover-up masks and a travel life of India  all done a digitally extended appearance.
On a face front  a picture of Shrek and Frida Kahlo done limit impact. “Prints have been all about vouchsafing your imagination have a margin day,” points out designer  Masaba Gupta.

Long Robes

Long robes or achkans tangible a 2014 ‘formal energy dressing’ in Fall fashion. “Capes and robes dominated conform runways like never before. The large disproportion this deteriorate came from a change in attitude. Earlier if it was limited for a slim frame, now prolonged robes found an assembly with a curvaceous,” says engineer Parul J. Maurya.

Cocoon Coats

The coupler list announced cocoon coupler as a 2014 favourite. “Cocoon coats have been a haute item. Since a oversized demeanour had a margin day all this while, cocoon done a grand entrance in a F/W 2014 scene. It’s a versatile winter clothes and teams adult good with trousers and dresses. Capes too did a excellent cover adult pursuit and are still going strong,” underlined engineer David Abraham.


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