Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2016

January 7, 2016 - fall Denim

Amped adult denim offering a practical remedy to Ulla Johnson’s independent flair.

Ulla Johnson tweaks her modern-folk cultured any season, nonetheless a ruffled, festooned farmer blouses and easy independent dresses on that she’s built her code — scoring her a dialect store disdainful with Barneys New York — are always a core of her collections. For pre-fall, a blouses and dresses came in unconstrained iterations, with Johnson citing turn-of-the-century inspirations, such as Victoriana, a American West and Impressionism. Those staples remained wearable and well-crafted, though it’s formidable to make them feel new. More uninformed was a amped adult denim — in particular, Johnson’s braided-waisted denim trousers and overalls that offering a practical remedy to all a bohemia.

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