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US denim jeans marketplace report: 2015 book new news published by heading investigate firm


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Published on Monday, 25 May 2015 14:43

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The investigate report, “US Denim Jeans Market: 2015 Edition” reveals that in 2014,the marketplace for adult denim purebred a tumble in both volume and value sales due to flourishing welfare for yoga pants.

The US is a largest marketplace for denim jeans in a universe in terms of prolongation and is also one of a world’s largest to be consumed. The tip offering brands like Levi’s, Lee, and wrangler are US formed that worked as a matter touplift a US denim jeans direct in a general markets.

The US denim jeans marketplace has witnessed a extensive expansion arena driven by flourishing reward denim market, sepulchral children’s denim industry, augmenting GDP and flourishing population.

Women’s jeans in a US available extreme decrease since men’s jeans sales also trafficked a similar, though somewhat reduction dramatic, trajectory. It also reveals that thebiggest hazard to expansion in jeans in entrance years appears to come essentially from a flourishing ‘athleisure’ trend.

Consumers, generally younger consumers, are replacing normal denim for some-more gentle forms of infrequent wear such as leggings and activewear. Jeans brands can be approaching to continue combating this rival hazard by several opposite strategies including a adoption of athleisure trends into their product portfolios, including Gap and Hudson, while others such as Lee and Lucky are set to try to offer softened and aloft peculiarity versions of their existent denim products.The specialty stores continue to lead a US denim market.

Lower prices offering in discounts by specialty retailers and those typically offering by discounters and off-price stores carried that grouping.

The news provides an in-depth investigate and receptive research of segments of US denim jeans market. Essentially, a news studies a US attire marketplace along with a denim jeans segment, jeans direct research by pricing brackets and a sales by placement channels to benefaction a transparent design of a market.

The news also incorporates new attention developments, factors pushing expansion of a US denim jeans attention joined with new trends and hurdles opposition a expansion of a industry.

With a perspective of providing a offset discernment of a US denim jeans marketplace to clients, a news by Koncept Analytics also includes a minute profiles of pivotal attention players with their pivotal financials andstrategies for growth. By deploying SPSS Inc.’s information formation and research capabilities, destiny expansion prophecy for a duration travelling 2015-2018 to establish a destiny instruction of a attention has also been analyzed in a news that creates a reports an useful apparatus for attention executives, marketing, sales and product managers, analysts, and other people looking for pivotal attention information in straightforwardly permitted and clearly presented tables and graphs.

List of Charts

Denim Products Production Process Flow Chart
Apparel Supply Chain
Global Apparel Market Value (2009-2017E)
Global Apparel Market Value by Region (2014E)
Apparel Market in a US (2009-2017E)
US Apparel Market by Segment (2014E)
The US Adult Jeans Market (2008-2014)
The US Women’s Jeans Market (2008-2014)
The US Women Jeans Market Share by Distribution Channel (2014 vs. 2013)
The US Men’s Jeans Market (2008-2014)
Factors Important to Jeans Purchase (2014 vs. 2013)
Increasing US GDP Per Capita (2004-2013)
Rising US Population (2008-2013)
The US Household Final Consumption Expenditure (2008-2013)
Internet Users in a US (2008-2014E)
Global Denim Jeans Market Share (2014E)
US Denim Jeans Market Share (2014E)
Share of Total Revenues by Coalition (2014)
VF Corp. Revenue Net Income (2011–2014)
Revenue of Jeanswear Coalition (2011-2014)
Share of Net Sales by Segment (2014)
Net Revenue Net Income of Levi Strauss Co. (2011-2014)
Share of Net Sales by Segment (2014)
Net Sales Net Income of PVH Corporation (2011-2014)
Share of Net Sales by Segment (2014)
Net Sales Net Income of Joe’s Jeans Inc. (2011-2014)
The US Market for Adult Denim Jeans (2014-2018E)

List of Tables

The US Market for Adult Jeans (2013-2014)
The US Market for Women’s Jeans (2013-2014)
Women’s Jeans Sales by Price (2013-2014)
The US Market for Men’s Jeans (2013-2014)
VF Corporation Business Segments
Dependent Independent Variables (2008–2014)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output 

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