Video: Westchester Cop Draws Gun On Teens For Alleged Snowball Fight

February 1, 2015 - fall Denim


A New Rochelle patrolman was prisoner on video sketch a gun on a organisation of teenagers who were carrying a snowball fight. Talk Of The Sound reports that they perceived dual videos of a officer aiming a gun during a girl kneeling in a sleet after military responded to calls of a reeling this week. You can see one shave below.

In a clip, that picks things adult in media res, a officer has already unholstered his weapon, and is indicating it during a dual teenagers who are kneeling on a belligerent while revelation them “Don’t f*cking move, guys.”

The lady who took a cellphone video of a occurrence explained, “They were carrying a snowball fight. This organisation of guys was carrying a snowball quarrel and now a patrolman has a gun on them.” New Rochelle military wouldn’t give any central matter on a incident, though sources tell Talk Of The Sound that cops explain “they were called to a stage formed on a news of a chairman with a gun.”

Talk Of The Sound does not have a really good attribute with their internal military department: “It is value mentioning here that it has been a process of a New Rochelle Police Department for a past dual years not to respond to requests for information from Talk of a Sound, to concede Talk of a Sound to attend in daily press lecture or attend press conferences such as a one in Nov after Operation City Sweeper II. So, Talk of a Sound has no approach to obtain any central criticism on that matter.”

Back in 2009, DCist reported on an occurrence in that a patrolman waved a gun during a throng during a large snowball fight. You can see video of that below.

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