WESTERN CHIC: Fall conform trends embody leather, tone and cowboy boots

October 29, 2017 - fall Denim

You don’t need a equine and saddle to get roped into one of a hottest character trends of a fall: Western chic. This trend is all about embracing leather, color, cowhide, boots, bandanas and more. Here are some of a favorite on-trend pieces found in stores right here in Cobb County.

1. This blouse — lonesome in cacti, feathers, antlers and skulls – is ideal for those who wish to drop their feet into a Western trend though going full boot. $31.95, done by Lelis, found during Horsetown

2. Turquoise is everywhere out West and goes with probably any color. It’s like a denim of jewelry. Don’t be fearful to make a matter with it, like we would with this necklace and earring multiple (necklace above with blouse). $39.95, done by Tipi, found during Horsetown

3. Denim with patterned sum are all a fury this fall, and this span of authentic Ariat blue jeans with Aztec patterns imprinted along a outward of a breathe line give a good cowgirl look, while a spare leg provides character to those who do not like feet cut or baggier styles. Tuck a bottoms underneath a span of boots or booties or span a jeans with a good span of heels. $58.95, done by Ariat REAL Denim Jeans, found during Horsetown

4. Bandanas can be ragged in so many opposite ways, though a favorite ways to wear them are rolled adult and tied opposite a conduct as a headband, loosely tied to a side as a headband or wrapped around a wrist and tied in a crawl as a bracelet. $8 each, done by Tickled Pink, found during Little Red Bird Gifts

5. This gorgeous, low green, 100 percent leather coupler is drizzling in character and elegance. Adorned with fringe, black leather accents, perplexing black elaboration and china studs, this coupler pairs good with both a black dress and blue jeans. $508.95, done by Double D Ranch, found during Horsetown

6. Cowboy boots can make a matter though being too flashy. These colourless cowgirl boots are accented with nickel studs, engaging unsettled leather and a perfect-sized heel while also going good with blacks, browns and probably any other color. A tip from a genuine cowgirls: don’t worry about relating a tone of your boots to a rest of your outfit. The aged conform order of not blending browns and blacks does not request here. $149, done by Durango, found during Horsetown

7. Every cowboy and cowgirl needs a belt buckle, and this Western imitation belt bend could go possibly way. $25, done by Nacona, found during Horsetown

8. This stylish overnight bag is done of 100 percent leather and cowhide and would certainly make a stylish matter on your subsequent trip. $517, done by Canoe, found during Little Red Bird Gifts

9. Goodbye, tedious black! The immature face of this Timex Weekender watch pairs ideally with a camel handmade leather strap. $125, Go Forth Goods

10. Don’t be fearful to move a small tone into a mix. These dim teal feathers dipped in bullion paint go good with neutrals, and a potion beads and bondage supplement some flicker to a earrings. $18, found during Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar and Gift Shop

11. This mistake suede romper is super-soft to a hold and lends a bit of magnificence to a Western trend. Wear it with lots of accessories and a border or denim coupler along with heeled booties and you’ll be right on trend though ever stepping feet in a stable. $98, done by JACK, found during Fab’rik

Horns come in all shapes, weights, materials and sizes, though we unequivocally favourite a light weight of this timber horn, wrapped in bullion handle and interconnected with a matte bullion chain. $30, done by Canvas, found during Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar and Gift Shop

12. Need a stylish place to store your keys, chargers and other domicile nicknacks? This handmade leather cheuffer with a signature Go Forth Goods impress brings beautiful character to any bedside table, corridor list or kitchen counter. $65, Go Forth Goods

Wanna know where to buy these items? Check out these Cobb shops:

Fab’rik | The Avenue during West Cobb | 3625 Dallas Hwy., #550, Marietta

Go Forth Goods | 795 Whitlock Ave., NW, Marietta

Horsetown | 1231 Shallowford Road, Marietta

Little Red Bird Gifts | 1300 Ernest W Barrett Parkway, NW, Kennesaw

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar and Gift Shop | Marietta Square | 21 W. Park Square, Marietta

Photography by Kelly J. Huff

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