What we Learned From Wearing My Dad’s Old Denim Jacket

May 28, 2016 - fall Denim

Show Up and Run The Race
This denim coupler has a ton of ‘character’. Both pockets have holes in them. There is a symbol that we constantly have to resew behind on, and via a coupler there are spots some-more faded than others. Yet, we continue to wear it. Day in and day out, we hear a moan stories of because someone didn’t do this or because that wasn’t accomplished. These same excuses eventually assist in us descending brief of a potential. You still have to uncover adult and run a race. Wearing this coupler has proven that not all is going to be neat, pretty, and secure though still, we have to finish a race. I’ll still have to run when things are ripped, torn, nauseous and unstable. we will still uncover up, even if a chairman subsequent to me is wearing a ideally code new jacket, with no tears, no holes, no rips, NO CHARACTER! Showing adult is only half of it, we still have to run on.

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