What teenagers want: These brands tip a list

October 16, 2015 - fall Denim

“Total spending trends simulate declines year over year and from a open consult levels,” according to a report. “That said, conform spending, among a upper-income set is demonstrating a miscarry from a open survey.”

The consult enclosed responses from 9,400 teenagers who had an normal age of 16. The 2,700 teenagers who fell in a upper-income organisation had an normal domicile income of about $107,000, while a 6,700 teenagers in a organisation from average-income households had a meant income of about $52,000.

When it comes to where teenagers like to shop, time spent in specialty stores increasing for a initial year given a iPhone launched in 2007. Among upper-income teenagers, specialty stores overtook vital chain, dialect and off-price stores for a initial time given open 2014.

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