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December 4, 2014 - fall Denim

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Finals are entrance (don’t fire a messenger) and so are holiday parties (again, don’t fire a messenger), that means we are going to have to get dressed for things we don’t wish to go to someday soon.

If we are one of those people who lives in a counter during Club Hes for finals week, and leaves Oreo crumbs, a sweeping and your dignity heaped in a pile as we go to an examination or hopefully to purify yourself adult — though some-more expected to get some-more Oreos — review on.

If we uncover adult to an examination with greasy hair, a groutfit and an altogether soiled aura everybody around we can clarity — you’ve already failed.

Don’t give me any of that “but I’m comfortable” or “I used dry shampoo and deodorant” nonsense.

Yeah, I’m articulate to we lady in a Lululemon outfit in a library that duped me into meditative we had usually come from a run. Upon closer look, your hair was usually so greasy it looked sweaty and your outfit was merely for comfort not sports.

As it takes we no longer to put on jeans than it does sweatpants, we will not remove any time memorizing organic molecules with.

Yeah, we get that sweatpants are gentle that creates them good for bed and dorm room studying, though during slightest put on some normcore authorized heathered joggers to get to class.

So, you’re final-ly finished and all we wish to do is lay on your cot during home with a code new box of Oreos and that sweeping from a library.

But alas, your Aunt Shelly calls and after behest we “Season’s Greetings,” invites your family to a Christmas party. Your m0m takes one demeanour during your now stained normcore joggers and pacifist aggressively hassles we to adopt togetherness for a family: it’s time to step your diversion up.

You run adult to your container and arrange by your dress options, that unfortunately are all some-more Feve than festive. Your mom yells adult a stairs that a celebration is “an nauseous Christmas sweater thing” during that we glory and cringe.

Sure, now we won’t be forced to wear anything bodycon to see Uncle Don, though we do have to get to Goodwill where unfortunately all a ugliest/best Christmas sweaters will already have been snatched up.

If this happens, DO NOT go to Forever21 or Target or wherever else they sell new “ugly” sweaters. Your nauseous sweater contingency have already been ragged by another tellurian to have any aptitude during all. You are a perplexity if your snowman detailed cardigan had a cost tab over four dollars. Macklemore will take all your Christmas presents for personification preservation shops — also, if your family plays “Thrift Shops” at this entertainment we have accede to feel ill and leave.

So, we leave Goodwill carrying felt no goodwill, as a usually sweater left was snagged by a giggling tween before we could get to it.

You now have 3 options 1) go for a subsequent best thing — a denim festooned velvet-collared Christmas button-up 2) whip adult that tree sweater DIY we saw on pinterest — it will be so easy and usually need a outing to a qualification store, a fabric store or 3) call adult your grandma to move an additional gratifying sweater to a celebration for you.

So Grandma Dee came to a rescue in your time of need, though now we have another celebration to attend that Grandma Dee’s dress won’t be means to cover — New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve is all about a bling. It’s like everyone is perplexing to uncover adult a Swavorski clear New Year’s Ball — that is not that tough to do deliberation it is a most over-hyped eventuality of a year and examination some crony fundamentally tumble down will be a some-more interesting drop.

Anyway, channel your middle Kelis during a party: “diamonds on your neck, d-diamonds on your grill.” To hang to your college tyro bill squeeze some braid off a tree or get some pulp (fake bling) to supplement flicker to your ensemble.

Get prepared to make a New Year’s Resolutions to undo the groutfit from your habit when we get behind to school.


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