Why This Company Wants You To Fall In Love With People’s Old Jeans

September 15, 2016 - fall Denim

This essay is partial of HuffPost’s “Reclaim” campaign, an ongoing plan spotlighting a world’s rubbish predicament and how we can start to solve it.

When an essay of wardrobe reaches a finish of a lifecycle, we tend to pitch it in a rabble and buy a new one. We don’t consider a lot about where a mantle came from, all a resources that went into creation it or a pollution that resulted from it. 

Netherlands-based Mud Jeans thinks it’s found a smarter approach to make wardrobe ― and a some-more essential approach for people to buy and get absolved of items, too. 

Like other eco-conscious attire brands, a four-year-old Mud argues for sourcing tender materials some-more responsibly and mixing them with fibers from aged garments that would differently be thrown out. Though some experts are doubtful of a impact this clothes-making process competence have, Mud takes things a step further.

Since 2013, a association has been vouchsafing people rent pants for a year and lapse them so they can be upheld on to a subsequent person. 

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