Wolk Morais

May 27, 2017 - fall Denim

“We make all in L.A., we pattern all in L.A., and we’re desirous by L.A.,” Brian Wolk pronounced final night during his and Claude Morais’s fifth runway uncover in their adopted hometown. Presented during Yamashiro’s iconic Hollywood lookout, a collection was their many elaborate tour to date, widening a designers’ lens on L.A. and interweaving good references to film’s description of gender.

Designing with a classical gender archetypes and antitypes of Old Hollywood in mind, a twin bucked suiting gathering to move a same tailoring to a men’s and women’s designs. Double-breasted suits were illusory in tangerines and evergreens—a palette desirous by photographer Sheila Metzner. The span also executed vital inflections of denim and pajama suiting. At a distant finish of femininity, Wolk and Morais presented unconditional English tulle sauce gowns in a richest hiss and teal shades, finish with marabou and ostrich feathers for outcome combined by Catherine D’lish.

Once more, a designers worked with their longtime stylist, Elizabeth Stewart. She punctuated a dismantled suiting and soothing tailoring with bullion monogrammed tank tops and bullion couple suspenders, a carryover from final season’s complicated steel sequence couple necklaces and a curtsy to a travel enlightenment of Melrose Avenue. While they continue to cave references, it doesn’t feel as yet Wolk and Morais have been overshadowed by a call of shows in L.A. Rather, they’re anticipating their balance only as a city becomes a new platform.

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