Y/Project Men’s Fall 2018

January 18, 2018 - fall Denim

Glenn Martens reliable his position during a forefront of a reinventors of fashion, regulating deconstructed, reconstructed configurations to emanate new wardrobe propositions.

It felt a small reduction florid than final season, with a engineer holding outerwear and thrift-store-style basis like frosty denim, ski sweaters, lumberjack shirts and even a elementary T-shirt and warping a patterns and volumes and blurring a fits.

It was infrequently tough to tell where one thing finished and a other began, with garments clearly trustworthy on hybrid looks, combining a whole.

On one demeanour he took a classical Baracuta-style jacket, flipped it inside out and used it as a covering underneath a stylish oversized topcoat, a tartan backing spewing.

Martens also revisited a business suit, with a superbig shoulder and double shirt.

The engineer also supersized a denim trucker jacket, though also a season’s favourite product, a Ugg boot, that came reconfigured as a staggered thigh-high boot — most like a brand’s signature denim, usually some-more squidgy in allure. Some styles sported a buildup of white wooly slap sections; others focused on an area of tan skin, like wrinkled pug’s fur.

The purify jeans with a somewhat lopsided row covering were also superfresh.

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